15 Of The Cutest Bulletin Board Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you want to surprise your loved ones with something special.

15 Of The Cutest Bulletin Board Ideas For Valentine's Day

If you don’t have time to plan ahead, then you might consider using a bulletin board. They are inexpensive, easy to create, and they look great too.

Bulletin boards are a simple way to display messages or pictures. They come in various sizes and shapes, from large posters to smaller ones.

The size depends on the type of material you choose. For example, wood boards are usually larger than plastic boards.

You can easily create your own Valentine’s Day bulletin board by choosing a theme and decorating it accordingly.

Use stickers, ribbons, balloons, and other decorations to add some flair to your board. Here are 15 best Valentine’s Day bulletin board ideas that will help you make one for yourself or someone else:

Owl’ Be Your Valentine! – Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board

Owls are cute little animals that are also very wise. Their eyesight is great, and they can see well even when it’s dark.

Owls also have sharp claws that help them catch prey. They eat mice, rats, and other rodents. They sleep during the day and hunt at night.

Owls are very cute creatures who love to eat bugs. On Valentine’s Day, owls are supposed to be your valentine.

You can make this project by cutting out the heart shape from the pink card stock and gluing it onto the brown background.

Then, glue the construction paper owls onto the heart. Use a hole punch to make holes for stringing the hearts together. Hang them up as decorations around the classroom!

Our LOVE For Learning Grows & GROWS! – Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board

Students should be creative when writing down what they learned this year. They should also use their imagination when drawing flowers and hearts. Their creations can be used as decorations for Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day-themed bulletin board is perfect for showing off what your students love about learning.

They can decorate the flowers and write their names on them. Use the pre-cut heart cut-outs as decorations around the flowers.

“Lovely Ladybugs ‘Spotted’ in Kindergarten!” Valentine’s Day Bulletin

This cute Valentine’s Day card was designed by Lisa, a kindergarten teacher, and talented graphic designer.

Spring is coming! This board is perfect for displaying your favorite flowers or plants. You can also display pictures of your pets or children.

Love Your Library! – Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board

Hearts are beautiful things. This most spectacular Valentine’s Day, you could make them bigger than usual, and invite your amazing students to write something nice about themselves. 

Then combine your amazing Valentine’s Day designs with another type of lesson – possibly Health, Social Studies, or whatever else you teach.

Write scripting style facts, and tips, directly onto the hearts and entitle the board with an amazing and, of course, appropriate title.

Students should write about the people they love most and respect. Their work should be displayed directly on the board.

Have A Wild & Crazy Valentine’s Day! – Monster Themed Bulletin Board

This cute owl-themed bulletin board was made by Lori from Muddy Pies Studio. She did an awesome job!

This is a fun project for any time of year. You could even do this as a holiday gift idea for teachers or other people who love monsters.

We just love how, with some simple changes, you can make a bit more mileage out of your bulletin board design! Well done, Lori!

We Love Our Teachers! – Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board

You are tasked with a tremendously difficult and tremendously important role in teaching our children.

You must prepare them for the future by providing them with the right tools. We understand the unique challenges you face as a teacher. We are here to help.

This teacher supply store is filled with more than 25, 000 products, and we are constantly adding new items. You’ll find many lessons plans, worksheets, and coloring pages as well as other materials.

There are also some great incentives for sharing your work with others, such as earning extra credit or raising money for your local schools.

We love this bulletin board idea made by the children at this site’s school!

Life’s Journey To Perfection: Fun Valentine’s Day theme Bulletin Board

Bumblebees are cute fuzzy insects. They make honey out of flowers. They pollinate plants by buzzing around them.

Bumblebees are found everywhere in North America. You can see them flying around your yard or garden. This is why we just love this bulletin board idea! 

Bumblebees are so fun and colorful that it would be impossible not to include them on your Valentine’s Day bulletin boards!

Read Me Maybe! – February Library Bulletin Board Display

This cute library bulletin board was created by Erica Nunez. She made the lyrics using fonts and colors she found online.

She also designed the board herself. She put the board together at the school library. Her students loved the board because it looked fun and colorful.

Erica used a cutesy font to print the altered song lyric, Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my cover, so read me maybe? but she forgot to put a border around them.

She also printed the lyrics out on black paper. There’s nothing wrong with these things, but if you want your cover to be more professional, then you should use white paper.

Also, since she used a font that was too big and bold, she had to make the title smaller.

You should also use a different font because the font she chose didn’t match the rest of the design.

Finally, she forgot to put any decorations on her cover, so you should add some borders and decorations to the cover.

“Tweethearts” Super Cute Valentine’s Day Door Display Idea

This Valentine’s Day door is very cute! The wordplay, adorable scrapbook birds, and colorful design make this a great Valentine’s Day door.

A white bulletin board paper is used as a background. Brown paper is twisted into a tree-like shape.

There are birds made out of colorful papers attached to the tree. And there are hearts everywhere!

From The Bottom of My ‘Sole’ – Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Idea

This cute board was created by Kelsey Wooden for Valentine’s Day.

We love that, not only did she incorporate student-created elements, but she also incorporated the word “cute” into the title. Students had fun creating this board!

‘I love you from the bottom of my soul.’ This is a cute idea that shows how much you care about someone. Your footprints show how close you two are together.

Bible Inspired Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Idea

The big countdown to the next Valentine’s Day has started.

If you’re working at a religious-based school or you’re involved with all the children’s ministries at the church, this inspirational bulletin board is perfect and ideal for staff and even the students alike.

It takes a hell of a lot of lettering, but the wonderful meaning makes all that effort beyond worth it!

The splendid bulletin boards simply consist of a Bible verse. However, the coolest part is actually that the letters are arranged in a way that is meant to highlight the word “Valentines”.

We loved how basically the original creator went and used black and bright red letters to form a stark and spectacular contrast, and even added the cutest doily hearts to add even more visual interest to the board.

We’d suggest using a more vibrant and popping background color to attempt to liven up the board.

To The Moon And Back! – Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Idea

This Valentine’s Day, you should decorate your apartment with cute messages written on colorful paper. You should also write about how much you love someone, using different fonts and colors.

I love you right up to the moon and back! A colorful zebra print trimmer covers the board.

There is a moon cut out and hearts made from different patterns of paper. The writing prompts are mounted onto construction paper and arranged around the board.

‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus! – Christian Valentine’s Day Display

Kayla’s classroom door has cute candy cut-outs on it instead of a picture or words. It is decorated with a candy theme.

She wants to be part of the group, but she doesn’t want to ruin the party by being too much of a show-off.

Assembling your own decorations is easy with a cutting machine. Card stock accents are available online, or you could buy them at office supply stores.

Black and white clip art images are also available online. Cut out the shapes and laminate. Then use Valentine’s Day trimmers to make the heart shape.

African Americans Close To Our Hearts! – Black History Month Display

This bulletin board displays the names of famous African Americans. Each name is accompanied by a picture of the person and a brief biography.

Students researched and wrote about these people. The bulletin board is designed to be displayed during February Black History Month.

Make sure to use Valentine’s Day trimmer or complementary solid and patterned border decoration.

For the decoration, try to arrange photographs and some of your student’s papers around the outer layer of the board.

Then consider mounting the research papers onto some colored construction style paper to attempt to create a fantastic border.

Pre-K Is Sweet! – Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board

Students love Mrs. Williams’ bulletin board. She uses a variety of different materials to create a fun project.

The first thing she does is use Valentine’s Day theme to decorate the board. Then, she invites students to create a piece of art using a simple shape. 

After that, she gives them a chance to practice folding a heart. Finally, she finishes off the project by asking students to write about what makes them happy.

We love this bulletin board idea from this classroom as it’s so fun and colorful and exactly what everyone needs for Valentine!

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when creating a Valentine’s Day bulletin board for your classroom is to have fun! If you’re feeling stuck, try looking through Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Also, don’t forget to check out some of our favorite ideas above to get inspired for Valentine’s Day in the classroom!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Classroom bulletin boards need to be switched up. Soft and sweet decorations are needed.

Teachers should use this idea in their classrooms. Remote teachers can also use this for their homes.

Love is definitely in the air! Why not celebrate and create some cute St. Valentine’s bulletin board, banner, or door decoration for your classroom?

Helena Waters