15 Marvelous Worksheets for Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Decimals play an important role in everyday life, especially when it comes to money.

So, it is crucial that your students understand how they work and how to use them.

When it comes to adding and subtracting decimals, students can feel quite overwhelmed.

It is a big step moving from adding and subtracting whole numbers to then working with decimals. 

15 Marvelous Worksheets for Adding and Subtracting Decimals

But, fret no longer! We have gathered 15 essential worksheets for your classroom for your students to practice addition and subtraction of decimals.

These worksheets are ordered by level of difficulty from beginner to advanced.

Using these worksheets your students will be able to work with decimals in a variety of formats, including using money and images to represent decimal places. 

Pretty soon your students are going to be experts in decimal sums!

1.Add and Subtract Decimals on a Number Line Worksheet 

For students just starting to learn how to add and subtract decimals, it can sometimes be easier to use a visual aid.

From this worksheet you are provided with a number line for your students to count on. They are also given a sum to calculate using this number line. 

The number line method will not always be the method you choose to use within your class, however.

There are many other ways to calculate decimal sums, the most common being the column method.

2.Adding 1 Digit Decimals Worksheet 

When it comes to decimal sums, the best place to start is with single digit decimals.

You don’t want to overwhelm your students with decimals to hundredths.

This worksheet allows for simple decimal addition as well as exercising your students’ mental math skills. 

We definitely recommend this worksheet as an introduction to adding together basic decimals. 

3.Adding Decimal Tenths Worksheet 

A step up from single decimal sums would be to work with decimal tenths.

This worksheet does just that. Students must work out what they need to add to the decimal in order to make the next decimal tenth.

This is an excellent way to introduce your students to monetary value as well.

By working towards the next decimal tenth, you can explore how to work with change in a real life scenario. 

4.Decimal Hundredths Column Addition Worksheet 

Once your students have mastered adding decimal tenths, they will be ready to move onto decimal hundredths. This is where they will start adding together whole and decimal numbers. 

Students must adopt the column method of addition. This is a similar method to the standard addition of whole numbers.

Utilizing this method will make adding and subtracting decimals a breeze and will help to solidify the concept for the class. 

5.Subtracting Decimals Tenths Worksheet 

Of course, we are not only focusing on adding decimals but also subtracting them. This worksheet focuses on subtracting decimal tenths.

This works in the same way that the worksheet for adding decimal tenths works. Students must work out what decimal is missing in order to make up the next decimal tenth. 

Use the adding and subtracting decimal tenths worksheets together in order to really tackle decimal tenths in the class. 

6.Subtracting Decimals from Whole Numbers Worksheet

This worksheet adds a little difficulty to its subtraction sums by mixing the use of whole numbers and decimals. Students must subtract a decimal number from a whole number.

This is a particularly useful skill, especially when working with money. 

More often than not when we use money we don’t buy things that are rounded up, so we must be able to calculate the correct amount of change needed from a dollar.

This worksheet will help work towards this skill. 

7.Subtracting Decimals to Hundredths Worksheet

Use this subtracting decimals to hundredths worksheet to go along with the adding decimals to hundredths worksheet.

Students are given a decimal number that they need to subtract from another number. This worksheet is great for practicing speedy subtraction of decimals.

Your students will be quick and efficient at this by the time they’re done with the lesson! 

8.Subtracting Decimals to Thousandths Worksheet 

For a more difficult approach to subtracting decimals, use this worksheet. It requires students to subtract decimals to thousandths.

Older students or students who are more apt at working with decimals will find that this worksheet will give them a nice challenge. 

This worksheet uses the column method of calculating subtraction and is a great way to keep on top of practicing this method. 

9.Column Addition Decimals Worksheet 

There is no such thing as enough practice using the column method of addition and this particularly applies to adding decimals together.

This worksheet involves the addition of numbers with up to 3 decimal places. 

This sheet provides students with the space to show their workings out, allowing them to write out the numbers in the column themselves.

This will be required of them in exams and so is a great opportunity to practice this. 

10.Dizzy Over Decimals – Addition Worksheet 

Give your students something to think about with this playful dizzy over decimals’ worksheet. Students must line up and add together the decimals shown.

This sheet uses a mix of numbers with varying decimal places and adds a challenging level to the task.

Some of these sums use 3-digit numbers to 3 decimal places, so get ready to provide your students with an amazing challenge. 

11.Decimal Addition Base Ten Blocks Worksheet 

This interesting worksheet gets your students to look at decimals in a new way. It provides them with images that represent ones, tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.

Students must figure out the number and its decimals from the collection of images in the box. 

These questions are multiple choice, meaning that the student is provided with a list of potential correct answers. Students must determine which is the correct answer.

This is a great way to allow your students to look at decimals more imaginatively. 

12.Decimal Challenge Worksheet

This worksheet combines two decimal centric activities. The first activity is the puzzle box. The concept of this activity is very similar to that of Sudoku.

Each side of the block must add up to a particular number. However, the numbers inside these boxes can only be used once. Students will need to think extremely hard about this neat puzzle. 

The second activity on this sheet is a number pyramid. All that they need to do is add the numbers next to each other together in order to find out what the solution is at the top of the pyramid.

You could also do an alternative version of this activity where students must subtract numbers to find out a solution. 

13.Riddle Puzzle Decimal Worksheet

This is a fun worksheet which combines adding and subtracting decimals with the task of solving a riddle. They are provided with a wide array of sums to solve.

The solutions to these sums are jumbled up at the bottom and are also paired with a letter.

Once they have matched the letter to the solution, a word will be revealed. What will the word be? Solve it to find out! 

14.Add and Subtract Money Worksheet 

This worksheet provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge of adding and subtracting decimals to real life situations.

In this case, they will be working with monetary calculations. Each sum is formatted showing the decimals as currency.

Students must solve these sums to find out how much money they are left with at the end.

To add a little extra fun to this activity, why not bring in a set of play money, so they can see how these sums work in action? 

15.Decimal Word Problems Worksheet

Let’s look at decimal problems in a different format. It is important for students to understand how to add and subtract decimals in number format.

However, it is also significant that they are able to recognize a sum in written format as well. 

This worksheet is great practice for just that. It provides you with several  interesting word problems that all involve adding or subtracting decimals.

Get your students to line these decimals up and solve them using the usual column method. This will get them prepared for their exams! 

Final Thoughts 

There are many real world applications for adding and subtracting decimals and these worksheets will help students understand these applications.

From working with money to even being able to work with time, it is essential for students to grasp the concept of decimals. 

By using these worksheets your students will have a good foundation and understanding of decimals and how to calculate them so that they can move onto more difficult concepts such as multiplying and dividing decimals.

It is also an effective stepping stone to being able to teach the conversion of decimals to fractions. 

We hope you find these worksheets useful and see positive results within your classroom for adding and subtracting decimals.

Use these worksheets and facilitate your students learning, most importantly enjoy doing it!

Helena Waters