15 Letter V Worksheets For Kids of All Ages

When it comes to teaching children their ABCs, it doesn’t have to be a flat and unengaging learning experience for them.

15 Letter V Worksheets For Kids of All Ages

There is a wide range of ways that you can make the alphabet a fun experience for kids, whether it is toddlers or kindergartners. 

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at some of the best worksheets to get your little ones interested in the letter V, ranging from coloring to tracing and more! 

Let’s get started.

V Is For Worksheet

This is a simple yet effective V worksheet that allows children to start learning about words that begin with the letter V whilst also offering a fun coloring experience.

It’s great to get them familiar with the shape and sound of the letter V- encouraging their vocabulary skills- as they boost their creativity with the coloring elements. 

Letter V Practice Sheet 

This is more of a practical worksheet, encouraging kids to learn about the letter V via repetition.

The sheet asks them to write the letter out in both lowercase and uppercase five times before asking them to write down some words that begin with the letter V too. 

The creativity isn’t completely out of the window with this sheet though, as although it adopts a more traditional learning method, kids will have the chance to draw anything they want at the end of the sheet (as long as it begins with the letter V!).

Find The Letter V Worksheet

With this worksheet, kids are asked to find the letter V within the five different words that are displayed on the sheet.

Best suited for younger children, this sheet also features some pictures in order to get them to associate the right words with the images accordingly whilst also thinking creatively. 

Color The Squares With The Letter V

This coloring worksheet incorporates both words and creativity by asking kids to color in the squares that feature the letter V.

This sheet allows children to build on their recognition skills whilst adding in a bit of fun and creativity with the coloring aspect. 

Brainstorm Words Beginning With V 

Brainstorming might be a little more appropriate for slightly older children. That being said, this worksheet is also a great way to start teaching little ones about brainstorming if you help them out with it. 

The sheet revolves around kids brainstorming words that begin with the letter V, offering a chance for them to build on their thinking skills as well as their creativity.

Kids can then draw out their chosen V words and color them in too.

Tongue Twisters For The Letter V

Another worksheet that is well suited for older kids, this tongue twister worksheet lets kids build on their vocabulary skills and learn words that begin with the letter V in a fun way.

The sheet gives one example of a V-based tongue twister and then asks kids to think of some of their own, which also offers a chance for them to work on their knowledge of words in a creative way. 

My V Pictures

This next worksheet is incredibly versatile, as it offers children the chance to choose how they want to go about completing it.

The sheet asks the user to either write down words that begin with V or draw out pictures of things that begin with the letter V.

Children can also mix it up a bit, choosing to write some words and draw some pictures too.

There is the chance to build on vocabulary, thinking skills, and creativity with the My V Pictures worksheet. 

Color And Write The Letter V 

Much like the My V pictures worksheet, this one offers the chance for children to both write and color with the aptly named Color and Write the Letter V worksheet.

This sheet features some writing lines at the bottom for kids to practice writing out both the upper-class V and the lower class V. 

The sheet also has some blank lower and upper-class V’s that kids can color in.

There is also a fun picture of a vampire doing some vacuuming- for obvious reasons!- that can also be colored in, offering an extra layer of creativity to this V-themed worksheet.

Alphabetize The V Words

This vocabulary-based worksheet is another that would probably be best for older children and might be a bit difficult for those who struggle with words in general.

The sheet asks kids to alphabetize the list of V words, which puts an emphasis on vocabulary learning as well as general knowledge of alphabetizing.

As we said, this could be a difficult one for some children, especially younger kids, so it might be best to offer your help with it. 

The Letter V Flashcards

Flashcards are always a good idea when working on any subject, but they’re particularly useful when trying to teach kids new vocabulary.

With the Letter V flashcards, kids will have the opportunity to learn about the different types of V words. 

All you need to do is print out the images – preferably on heavy card stock – and then cut them out to create the flashcards.

There are so many different kinds of games that you can play with flashcards, and these offer the chance for kids to build on their knowledge of V words and their vocabulary at the same time.

Cut And Paste The V Words

The Cut and Paste The V words worksheet offers a bit of practicality with the cut-and-paste elements, allowing kids to cut out the different V words and paste them into the right box.

The images of the various V items on the page are blank, too, so there is also the opportunity for kids to get to coloring if they so choose. 

As is always the case with cut-and-paste worksheets, make sure that children are always supervised and use safety scissors and kid-friendly glue to avoid any accidents. 

I Spy The Letter V

I Spy worksheets are a great way to encourage kids to think creatively and work together while still having plenty of fun.

The I Spy the Letter V worksheet is no exception, asking kids to find the various letter V’s that are dotted around the sheet and then color them in to differentiate them.

It’s a simple task, but one that encourages kids to look closely and notice all sorts of details. 

The coloring element adds a nice touch to the activity, making it even more enjoyable for little ones, especially those who love to draw and color. 

Help The Van Find The Letter V

Maze worksheets are a classic staple of preschool activities, and the Help the Van Find the Letter V maze worksheet is a simple yet effective choice.

Kids will have to navigate through the maze to help the van at the top of the page get to the letter V at the bottom of the page. 

The maze itself is fairly straightforward, but it does require some careful planning ahead of time to ensure that kids are able to complete the whole thing without getting stuck or confused.

Make sure that you provide enough time for kids to complete the maze before moving on to other activities, as this can sometimes take longer than expected. 

Color The Animal Alphabet: V

Combining coloring with educating kids on learning about animals and what letters they begin with, Color the Animal Alphabet: V is a great learning tool for kids.

On this particular coloring sheet, kids will have to color in the animal that begins with the letter V, this one being a vulture. 

Pair this sheet with other Color the Animal Alphabet worksheets for a fun and engaging way to teach kids about various animals whilst encouraging their creativity with the coloring aspect.

I Can Trace And Color the Letter V

Tracing and coloring are two of the most popular forms of worksheets for kids of all ages, so a combination of the two can create an incredibly fun and engaging worksheet that kids will enjoy immensely. 

The I Can Trace and Color the V Word worksheet combines both of these elements, giving kids the opportunity to trace a picture of the letter V and then color it accordingly.

This worksheet is perfect for younger kids, as they will be able to follow along easily and learn how to properly color the letter V.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to incorporate the letter V into your child’s education, whether it be through games, puzzles, mazes, or simply by teaching them about animals that begin with the letter V. 

The above worksheets offer a variety of different options- from tracing to word games and more- allowing parents and educators to choose the sheets that best suits the needs of the kids who are going to be using them to learn.  

There really isn’t any wrong answer when it comes to incorporating the letter V into a child’s education.

No matter which method you decide to use, make sure that you choose something that engages the child whilst helping them learn.

Thanks for reading!

Helena Waters