15 Great Letter ‘I’ Worksheets And Pages

Teaching your students how to write their letters does not need to be a difficult and stressful time.

There are lots of different tools you can use to help your students recognize letters, learn to write them and identify them by pronunciation.

15 Great Letter ‘I’ Worksheets and Pages

Worksheets are a great tool that you can use to teach your students all about letters.

They can learn to identify, write and say certain letters all through practicing them through worksheets. 

So, if you want some great worksheets to use to help your students learn about the letter ‘i’, then check out our recommendations down below! 

Color Each I Worksheet

A great way to begin teaching your students how to write the letter ‘I’ is to make sure that they can identify it first.

This means that you should help them become familiar with the letter, and this worksheet is a great way to encourage that. 

It features a jumble of different block letters and it is your students’ task to find all the ‘i’s and color them in.

This will help you see at a glance if your students can confidently recognize and identify the letter I and see if they are ready to move onto the next step. 

Color The Squares

Another great worksheet for teaching your students how to recognize the letter ‘i’ is this worksheet right here! Instead of using block letters, it features the letters in different squares in a grid and requires them to color them in to identify them.

Not only is this worksheet a fun coloring exercise for your students, but it helps them become more familiar with their letters and be able to distinguish the letter ‘i’ in the alphabet. 

Identifying I

This worksheet is another one to give to your students to help them identify the letter i.

It includes lots of letters in their lowercase form within lots of different circles, and it is down to your students to find the ‘i’s and color them in. 

Like with the other worksheets above, it’s another great way to teach your students all about recognizing the letter ‘i’ so they can move onto writing it. 

Color The I-ce Creams Worksheet

A common issue when it comes to teaching your students how to recognize their letters is teaching them the difference between upper case letters and lowercase ones.

This work sheet uses coloring and ice cream to help your students learn the difference between the two so they can recognize them and know which one they have to write. 

Not only that, but it also has space underneath that can be used to help practice writing their letters through tracing, and try writing solo too! 

Cut And Paste The I

Instead of coloring, you can also use cutting out and sticking down letters to help teach your students about the letter i and applying it into words. 

This exercise using this worksheet will help your students not only identify the letter ‘i’ but combine it with other letters to give them meaning.

The sheet includes words like fish and pig, as well as little images that your students can color in as an extension task. 

There is also space at the bottom for tracing more letters and practicing their letter ‘i’ solo.

Fill In The Blank With I Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to start teaching your students how the letter ‘i’ works in different words.

It does  this by showing them the image of several objects that all begin with the letter ‘i’ and leaving a blank space for them to practice writing their letter ‘i’. 

Not only that, but this worksheet helps your students become more familiar with the sound of the letter ‘i’.

In order to fill in the blank, they have to say what they see and begin to recognize what the letter ‘i’ sounds like spoken out loud in different words. 

There is also a tracing exercise at the bottom for continued practice and space for your students to start practicing writing on their own.

It’s a good place to practice writing the letter ‘i’ before they fill in the gaps above. 

Tracing The Letter I Worksheet

For perfecting those ‘i’s, this is one of the best worksheets to use as it gives your students plenty of space to practice their writing again and again. 

This worksheet also includes tracing exercises for both capital and lowercase ‘I’ so your students can perfect both forms of the letter ‘I’.

There are also images of both versions at the top of the page with arrows to show the direction their pencil should move.

This is a great piece of information for your students to revisit if they get stuck. 

By the end of this worksheet, they should have a much better idea of how to write the letter ‘I’ in both its capital and lowercase form.

Practice Writing I With Igloos

This worksheet is another great one to use for practicing writing the letter I. It features tracing space for both capital and lowercase versions of ‘I’ so your students can get to grips with writing this letter. 

Not only that but there is a coloring exercise at the top with an image of an igloo that can be used as an extension task for those high-flyers. 

Learning Words That Start With I

This worksheet doubles as a coloring page that also helps your students learn about all the different words that all begin with the letter ‘I’.

There are lots of images for your students to see visually what the words next to them mean, and reading them aloud helps them learn how to pronounce the letter ‘i’ in lots of different words.  

It’s a fun coloring exercise that also helps your students become more familiar with the letter ‘I’ and how they can use it in lots of different words. 

Tracing Words With I Worksheet

Tracing is a great way to introduce your students to writing independently as it helps guide them through the correct motions and shows them how their handwriting should look after they give writing a go. 

This worksheet shows them lots of different words that all begin with the letter i and helps them write them out.

Such words include island and ice cream, meaning that your students also practice writing other letters through this worksheet

Writing I-C-E Worksheet

This is another cutting and pasting worksheet although you can use the space here as an independent writing worksheet. 

There are three boxes at the top of the page with room to write a single letter in each one.

Your students are supposed to cut out the letters beneath and stick them down into the boxes, helping them with their spelling and pronunciation.

However, you can instead have your students write the letters themselves without having lines to trace. 

There is also an image of an ice cube and block letters that your students can color in as an extension task. 

Writing I-N-C-H

Just like the above worksheet, this one works in the same way. Instead of using the word ‘ice’ and featuring an image of an ice cube, it uses the word ‘inch’ and features an image of a measuring ruler. 

However, it is a bit more complex because it uses four letters instead of three and thus you can give this worksheet to your more advanced students. 

I’ Is For Insect Writing Worksheet

This is a tracing and writing worksheet that also helps your students associate the letter i with a word they often use every day. 

On this worksheet, there is an image of a fly alongside a giant tracing of an uppercase and lowercase I. There is also a sentence underneath for your students to trace and practice their writing.

Underneath that, there is space for them to practice writing their individual ‘i’s or to copy the sentence above again but writing it out completely independently. 

I’ Is For Igloo Writing Worksheet

This worksheet is identical to the one above except that it swaps out the word ‘insect’ for the word ‘igloo’. 

This makes it another great practice worksheet for your students to use when practicing their writing the letter ‘i’.

Although it is not any more difficult, it’s a great extension task to give your students to help them perfect their writing and make their ‘i’s absolutely spot on. 

Writing I In Cursive Worksheet

And finally, we have this worksheet that aims to teach your students how to write the letter i in cursive. 

Once your students have learned about the letter i and can write it with confidence, it’s time to teach them how to write it in cursive.

This will give them an extra challenge to try and overcome, pushing their motor and learning skills to the extreme. Not only that, but it’s lots of fun too! 

This worksheet is a great cursive worksheet to give to your students.

It teaches them how to write the letter ‘i’ in cursive on its own and how to join it up to other letters in the middle of a word.

Give this worksheet a try, and your students will be writing in cursive in no time! 


And there you have it – 15 great letter ‘I’ worksheets that are perfect for teaching your students how to write and pronounce the letter ‘i’! 

These worksheets cover everything from identifying the letter to tracing words with it.

So, no matter what stage your students are on when learning their letters, there is bound to be a few worksheets here  that will help them develop their learning and move onto the next stage!

Helena Waters