15 Fun Ways To Teach The Letter R

Whether you are teaching children the shape of the letter R or where it appears in a word there are lots of ways to make it enjoyable.

If your kids are having fun while using worksheets then it’s more play than work. 

15 Fun Ways to Teach the Letter R

Getting your children to practice letter recognition and writing can be difficult, especially when they’re too young to understand the importance of learning their letters and the sounds they make. 

Letter worksheets can help you add extra practice time during your busy day, giving your child an opportunity to learn letter shapes, letter sounds, and how to write them at the same time as other skills like math or science. 

A child’s mastery of the alphabet can have a huge impact on their literacy development. But what are some fun ways to teach the letter R?

Try using these 15 fun worksheets and activities to get kids excited about letters and sounds!

Math Worksheets For Kids

Despite the name, these worksheets have nothing to do with numbers unless you count the number of times your kids will ask you for them! They are colorful, vibrant, and full of fun. 

Children can trace, color, or craft the letter R. They can also practice upper and lower case letter forming and learn how to recognize the letter with lots of identifying tasks. Learning has never been easier!

Teachers Pay Teachers Tracing Worksheets

Race to the top of the class with these printable worksheets. Plenty of practice with tracing and letter recognition all while having fun.

Your kids will love letter lesson time and learning how to form the letter R in both uppercase and lowercase. 

Creative craft sheets encourage children to learn while playing which is one of the best ways for kids to learn. The finished worksheets can be displayed so that your kids can show off all their hard work. 

Preschool Mom

Coloring, painting, and tracing are all ways for kids to practice their letter R with these printable worksheets. Letter tracing, recognition, and R words are all included on a multi activity sheet. 

These worksheets are fun for early writers while being clearly illustrated for parents and teachers alike. They can be incorporated into complete alphabet learning by learning a letter a day or making an alphabet quilt!

Little Dots Letter R Tracing Sheets

Little Dots offer free downloadable tracing sheets for your little dots to practice their letter R. These practical and easy-to-use worksheets provide valuable resources for letter recognition and formation. 

The two variations of the sheets allow you to choose which are the most suitable for your children’s needs.

One is carefully designed to encourage properly scaled letter formation by placing a dotted line at the appropriate height. 

Twinkl Letter R Worksheets

A full activity pack of fun ways to practice the letter R means you will never run out of ways to teach your children this important skill. Engaging and versatile content means this pack can be used by teachers or parents alike. 

The worksheets are easily downloadable and can be used multiple times. Boosting children’s confidence with letter R recognition and writing skills, these worksheets are an invaluable resource. Are you ready to have some fun?!

Splash Learn Letter R Worksheet

This practical and easy-to-use worksheet can be printed as many times as you need to give your children lots of practice with the letter R.

Clear illustrations and activities give little ones excellent early learning opportunities in letter recognition. 

The worksheets focus on the difference between uppercase and lowercase as well as identifying pictures that begin with the letter R and are clearly laid out. Valuable preparation for learning to read. 

Free Word Work Letter R Worksheets

A wonderful resource for teachers and homeschoolers, this set of 16 letter R worksheets is free to download. The worksheets provide lots of fun activities and encourage learning through play. 

Letter R writing practice, word mazes, and coloring games ensure that lots of fun will be had while your child is learning.

They will also learn to recognize both the upper and lower case letter R.  These worksheets are engaging, fun, and free!

Kids Activities Letter R Printable Worksheets

Eight pages of fun activities mean your kids will enjoy learning all about the letter R. The worksheets increase in difficulty ensuring that your child will continue to learn and grow in confidence. 

Tracing, colorful pictures, and letter writing practice will keep your child engaged and interested while they have fun.

R sound activities, fun drawings, and letter writing practice make these worksheets an excellent resource for parents or teachers. 

About Preschool Alphabet Letter Worksheet

This worksheet focuses on uppercase letters for writing and recognition. Preschool children find them easier to identify than lowercase letters. It also includes some fun and attractive coloring activities. 

The stages of letter writing are helpfully numbered on the capital letter R giving extra guidance and lots of practice opportunities.

The worksheet is free to download and can be printed as many times as you need giving your children lots of practice.

Primary Learning Beginning Letter R Worksheet

Primary Learning’s worksheets include 3 different activities, finding the letter R amongst others, as well as tracing, and coloring. It gives helpful guidelines (literally) to help little hands negotiate the big letter R. 

Fun drawings add to the appeal of this simple but very effective worksheet. Your kids will have more than enough to help them learn how to write and recognize the letter R. 

Supply Me Letter R Tracing Worksheet

Supply Me supplies you with a printable worksheet for your child to practice their writing skills for the letter R.

There are two lines for capital letters and two for lowercase letters. The letters are labeled to help your little ones with their formation of uppercase and lowercase R. 

Clear and uncomplicated this worksheet provides excellent guidance on letter formation with dotted lines at appropriate heights. A fun R word picture is included for kids to color. 

A Crafty Life Letter R Preschool Worksheets

Crafts and activities are a wonderful way to help children learn. Beginning letter formation is a vital part of preschool and these R letter worksheets provide lots of possibilities for learning. 

The worksheets can be printed multiple times and can be used differently every time. 

They can be colored, painted, and decorated in lots of different ways. But the result will be the same, your child will love learning about the letter R! 

Coloring Pages For Kids Letter R Worksheets

Kids love to color! So they will really enjoy these fun worksheets while learning to form the letter R in its lowercase form.

This can be trickier than uppercase but these worksheets offer clear guidance to help little ones make a big impact!

Colorful pictures encourage engagement and tracing practice will boost your child’s confidence in their letter formation.

The worksheets are fully downloadable and printable meaning you can concentrate on helping your child with their learning. 

HomeSchool Preschool Letter R Worksheets

Homeschool Preschool’s printable tracing worksheets are great for little ones starting their letter recognition, writing skills, and beginning sounds.

Kids from three to six will love the activities, coloring, and tracing of the letter R. 

Cute drawings are an added incentive for children to engage with these helpful and practical worksheets. They can be printed on normal paper for one use or on card and laminated for multiple uses. R is for reusable resources! 

Ziggity Zoom Learning Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

These preschool letter R tracing worksheets will help little hands form the uppercase form. This builds confidence and hand-eye coordination in younger children.

There is an R word drawing to complete and color to encourage engagement. 

Small children benefit from practice and repetition and these worksheets can be downloaded and printed as often as you need them. Your kids will love to display their work as often as possible so it’s a win-win! 


Many young children have difficulty distinguishing between an upper-case and lower-case R, and even more have trouble making it look like an actual letter instead of something else entirely! 

With so many different ways to teach letter formation—and so many different variations within each method—it can be difficult to find what works best for your child.

It can also be difficult to keep your child engaged and interested so finding the right resource is important. It will also make learning more enjoyable for your child.

So, if you are looking for new and fun ways to teach your child about the letter R, look no further than our list of 15 fun ways to teach the letter R worksheets. 

From simple and easy-to-use coloring pages to more complex word puzzles, these are sure to keep your child entertained—and learning! Print them out today and enjoy!

Helena Waters