15 Fun Subtraction Kindergarten Worksheets

We have found you the best subtraction worksheets for your kindergarten kids. Look no further than this guide to 15 fun worksheets to help teach subtraction.

15 Fun Subtraction Kindergarten Worksheets

Teachers and parents want their kids to have the best start when it comes to learning math. With this in mind, we have searched for the best fun subtraction worksheets for kindergarten children.

Most are free to download and print and can be used multiple times. 

Keeping young learners interested and engaged with important math skills is a balance of learning and fun.

So these worksheets help kids practice subtraction in a fun way to reinforce what they need to know. Being engaged in a fun activity means learning is more organic and natural. 

Whether you are a teacher or a parent these subtraction worksheets will be a valuable resource as you help your children with this important math skill. So keep on reading!

Kindergarten Worksheets & Games Subtraction Sheet

This fun interactive worksheet allows kids to visualize what subtraction really means. By using appealing characters young children will enjoy learning all about taking away.

The worksheets are printable and can be laminated so they can be used multiple times to reinforce subtraction learning. 

Young children learn by doing and this is a great way for them to interact with numbers.

Cute lemon buddies will make learning subtraction interesting and memorable. Who says math can’t be fun?!

Kids Academy Subtraction Worksheets

Kids Academy’s colorful and fun worksheets get young minds engaged with the basics of subtraction.

There are many different themes from animals to grocery shopping all with wonderfully illustrated pages. These are eye-catching and visually appealing to make learning fun.

Printable and interactive you will never run out of subtraction worksheets to help your children with this important math skill.

Every worksheet has clear instructions on how to get kids engaged with subtraction and help them find the solution. Making it easy for you and them! 

SplashLearn Subtraction Worksheets For Kindergarteners

Using appealing pictures these subtraction worksheets allow children to learn visually and develop confidence with basic subtraction.

Math sentences with missing numbers encourage young learners to practice taking away. Fun and colorful pictures help with problem-solving.

Visual representations of objects improve your children’s proficiency while word problems can help overcome any stumbling blocks with numbers.

SplashLearn has provided an excellent resource for engaging young minds with the concept of subtraction. That can only be a plus for your kids.

About Preschool Basic Subtraction Worksheets

These basic subtraction worksheets are printable and easy to use. Clear drawings incorporate problems up to number 10 introducing your child to basic subtraction.

The worksheets are free to download and print as many times as you need. Printed on a heavier card they can be laminated for durability. 

With many different variations, you can choose colorfully illustrated sheets or line drawings of objects for children to color in.

Both types engage your kids with the concept of subtraction while keeping them entertained.  A fun way to take away! 

Education To The Core Subtraction Activity Sheets

Turning lessons into games?! Genius! These worksheets are not so much work as play and learn.

Using dice and fun counters children work in pairs or groups learning how to subtract through playing games. 

Word cubes and storytelling also actively engage young children in the concept of taking away.

With minimum preparation time, this is a wonderful, time saving resource for teachers and parents. Your kids will always be keen to have their next math lesson when it’s this much fun.

Twinkl Subtraction Worksheets

Everyone loves dinosaurs! What better way to teach your kids all about subtraction than with their favorite Jurassic giants.

Number sentences with the biggest and fiercest dinosaurs will have your children learning while having fun. Interactive play while learning subtraction is an excellent way to reinforce what you are teaching. 

With lots of different activities to encourage learning this excellent resource is great for teachers and parents.

The effective and engaging colorful worksheets will keep little minds focused on the task at hand. But mind those teeth!

Twisty Noodle Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets

Twisty Noodle offers an array of fun, multi-activity subtraction worksheets. From simple number problems to pictorial puzzles they provide an excellent resource for teachers and parents. 

The worksheets are engaging and fun, guaranteed to get your children learning basic subtraction. They can be printed as many times as you need and can be laminated for repeated use.

Your kids will never tire of using these fun-filled worksheets to learn all about taking away. 

Superstar Subtraction Worksheet

Who wants to be a superstar in subtraction? With these awesome worksheets, all your kids will be top of the class in taking away.

They will love these clear and easy to follow puzzles while learning the basics of subtraction. 

They can practice simple taking away with horizontal and vertical math problems. The pages are fully downloadable and can be printed as many times as you need.

Laminating makes for easy and clean multiple re-use.

Kid Pid Subtraction Worksheets For Kindergarten

These subtraction practice worksheets by Kid Pid cleverly give kids two opportunities to get the answers right.

A horizontal math problem is followed by crossing out the correct number of circles to correspond to the answer.

This way your kids can check their answers giving them more confidence in what they are doing. 

Downloadable and printable worksheets give lots of practice to young children learning the basics of subtraction. This is an invaluable learning resource for busy teachers and parents.  

Education.com Subtraction Worksheets

Wow! So many subtraction worksheets to choose from on Education.com.

Themed worksheets for visual learners, subtraction story problems, and counting up subtraction are just some of the resources available. You and your children will be spoiled for choice. 

These colorful, fun sheets are a visual treat for young kids. Engaging them in subtraction lessons won’t be difficult with so many worksheets to choose from.

Pick a theme, there’s a subtraction sheet on Education.com to match it. An excellent resource!

Active Little Kids Preschool Subtraction Worksheets

These free printable worksheets for teachers and parents will be a valuable tool for teaching your children all about subtraction. They’re also great fun for kids.

Activities such as connecting the flowers containing the subtraction problem to the bee with the right answer will engage and delight young children. 

If learning is fun then kids want to learn. These subtraction worksheets encourage children to grasp the concept of subtraction through play. 

Kindergarten Mom Subtraction Color By Numbers Worksheets

Math? What math? This is just coloring fun! Kids will be learning how to take away before even they know it.

With so many great themed worksheets available your children will never tire of learning subtraction through coloring by numbers.

Learning single digit subtraction this way is easy and engaging for young minds.

With space themed pages of planets, rockets, and astronauts to count and color these worksheets are out of this world!

Edhelper Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets

Math challenges, puzzles, and subtraction practice are packed into these detailed subtraction worksheets from Edhelper.com.

They are interesting and engaging with unique ways of explaining the concept of taking away. 

Illustrations of leaping frogs and monkeys are some of the visual aids used to explain subtraction to young minds. 

There are a huge variety of themed worksheets all with something different to offer.

But with the same goal of encouraging children to grasp the idea of subtraction. An ideal resource for teachers and parents. 

Online Worksheets For Kids Printable Subtraction Sheets

Learning subtraction is a fundamental skill for young children and these worksheets take their job very seriously.

That doesn’t mean they’re not fun though! They are nicely laid out as vertical subtraction problems and visually appealing to young children. 

Free to download and print these subtraction worksheets are clear and easy for young children to follow.

They provide invaluable practice for kids with their taking away skills and give them a glimpse of harder math problems to be tackled later on. 

Math Easily Subtraction Worksheets

Subtraction is easy with Math Easily’s fun and colorful worksheets. Single digit subtraction problems with visually engaging pictures are ideal for getting kids interested in math.

They also have color by number sheets for extra practice and fun. 

The free to download printable worksheets can be used multiple times to help your kids grow in confidence.

A really good resource for busy teachers and parents to help children with their subtraction learning. 


Although matching the right worksheet to your children’s needs will be an individual choice with all these wonderful resources now at your disposal, finding the right subtraction worksheet for your kids should be an easier task. 

We all want children to learn and to enjoy doing it. Luckily there are a lot of engaging, colorful, and fun subtraction worksheets out there.

Making learning fun is half the battle and the only trouble you should now have is which one to choose!

Helena Waters