15 Fun & Informative St Patrick’s Day Themed  Worksheets

When we think about St Patrick’s Day we instantly think of Ireland and the color green, maybe a leprechaun too! The reality is that none of these things can be stretched out to cover a full lesson. 

That is why we have gathered 15 of the best St Patrick’s Day themed worksheets that we could find that will bring fun into your St Patrick’s Day lesson.

1.  Leprechaun Color By Sight Worksheet

Suitable For: Preschool And Kindergarten

This is a really lovely activity that can be done two different ways, depending on the level of your students.

The worksheet is a picture of a leprechaun that has been broken into blocks, each block must be colored a specific color to complete the image. 

To complete this worksheet in a simplified way you can simply have your students color in the blocks to create the Leprechaun in whatever way they choose.

If they are able to read, with some assistance, they could complete this worksheet as a color by sight worksheet. 

2. Shamrock Dot-To-Dot Worksheet

Suitable For: Preschool And Kindergarten

Check your students counting as they join the dots from one to fifty before coloring in the shamrock their dot-to-dot trace has created.

This worksheet is a great way of also testing your student’s motor skills as they try to control their pencil while going from dot to dot and also gives them some fun with the coloring aspect of this worksheet.

3. Arrange The Leprechauns By Size Worksheet 

Suitable For: Preschool And Kindergarten

This fun worksheet can be done in a number of ways to suit a range of student levels.

The worksheet has a table and 5 leprechauns in boxes underneath.

Students must order the leprechauns from smallest to tallest.

You can precut this worksheet if your students cannot use safety scissors due to age but if your students are old enough encourage them to cut out the leprechauns, use safe glue to stick the leprechauns in order before coloring their completed table. 

This activity would be a fun way to end a school day as it is not too complex and students tend to find it fun and relaxing.

4. Pot Of Gold Writing Exercise Worksheet

Suitable For: Kindergarten

This worksheet gives students the opportunity to be creative and also the chance to practice writing their name and another person’s name who is important to them, for example, a family member or a friend. 

After completing the writing part of this worksheet students will draw and color, helping them to see writing as a fun thing rather than a daunting activity. 

5. Mixed St Patrick Day Activity Worksheet

Suitable For: Kindergarten +

This fantastic worksheet will keep your students engaged for a long period of time.

This jam-packed worksheet includes coloring, tracing, writing, and spelling activities.

The focus of the worksheet is the color green, in honor of St Patrick’s Day!

Ensure your students have colors and a pencil to write with.

We are positive that all kindergarteners will really enjoy completing this worksheet.

6. Count The Shamrocks Worksheet

Suitable For: Kindergarten +

This worksheet is based on mathematics. The worksheet has two columns, the first of which has a number in it and the second has rows of shamrocks.

Students must color the specific number of shamrocks that is stated in the first column, for example, if the column has the number one in it then the students color one shamrock, and so on.

The worksheet says for students to color the shamrocks green but you could also encourage them to give each shamrock a unique design.

Students of this age love coloring and will really enjoy being given the opportunity to be creative. 

7. Color The Shamrocks Worksheet

Suitable For: Kindergarten +

This worksheet is a twist on the last worksheet we just looked at. In this worksheet, there are shamrocks with sums inside them.

The students must get the answer and then reference the coloring key to find out what color they should be using, for example, the sum of 8 should be colored in red, and so on.

This is a great way of highlighting the different ways you can get specific sums.

This worksheet is not overly difficult and so it is a great way of setting your students up for success before beginning the exercise. 

8. Leprechaun Treasure Hunt Worksheet

Suitable For: Kindergarten +

Have your students go on a treasure hunt without having to even leave their desks!

Small symbols are hidden in the main image on this worksheet and students are encouraged to find the symbols and color them once they find them.

Once they have found all the hidden symbols, there are six in total, they can color the rest of the picture in. 

This is a fun activity that most students enjoy.

It allows them to engage creatively while also focusing on trying to try and find the hidden symbols. 

9. St Patrick’s Day I Spy Worksheet

Suitable For: Kindergarten +

This bright and colorful worksheet challenges students’ focus and also their counting skills.

Students are asked to write their names at the top of the sheet before trying to find and count the number of St Patrick’s Day symbols from the main section of the worksheet.

There are leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold, and more!

This worksheet would not print clearly in black and white and so if you do not have access to colored printing this worksheet may not be ideal for you.

10. St Patrick’s Day Word Scramble Worksheet

Suitable For: First Grade +

This word scramble is a fun way of introducing or recapping on St Patrick’s Day related words.

This worksheet will challenge your student’s spelling and problem-solving skills.

There are 10 words in total ranging in length from five-letter words to ten-letter words. 

11. St Patrick’s Day Maze Worksheet

Suitable For: First Grade +

A maze is a great way of testing your student’s problem-solving skills.

Here they must trace the path through the maze on the worksheet to reunite the leprechaun with his pot of gold.

This activity can prove difficult for some students and so it should be given when students have time to focus. 

Those that finish the worksheet first can color in the leprechaun and his pot of gold to give others time to complete the worksheet without distractions. 

12. St Patrick’s Day Word Search Worksheet

Suitable For: First Grade +

Who doesn’t enjoy a word search? This worksheet is a great way to recap on words you may have taught students in your St Patrick’s Day themed lesson.

Students can work independently or in a group.

13. St Patrick’s Day Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Suitable For: First And Second Grade

This worksheet is perfect to use as a self-led reading comprehension.

Allow your students to complete this worksheet independently or in groups.

The worksheet includes a short story and some basic questions at the end. 

If your students are not comfortable or able to read alone you can get them to read the story together, or as a listen and repeat exercise.

This worksheet challenges their reading skills, writing skills, and comprehension skills.

14. Irish Symbols Addition Worksheet 

Suitable For: Second Grade +

This addition worksheet is a great activity and challenges students’ mathematical skills in a fun way.

Students will do addition, trace numbers, cut out boxes using safety scissors, and use glue to paste the correct number to the appropriate box.

After finishing, encourage your students to relax and color in their worksheets, this will be seen as a reward for working hard which is a great thing to instill from a young age.

15.  History Of St Patrick’s Day Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Suitable For: Third Grade +

This reading comprehension is the most difficult worksheet on our list.

This short story features some difficult words but offers students the opportunity to learn about St Patrick and also broaden their vocabulary. 

There are questions at the end of the story, as is typical of reading comprehension.

We recommend that you check out the worksheet in full to ensure it is suitable for your class’ standard.

Final Thoughts

These worksheets are a sure way of educating your students about the history of St Patrick’s Day and why it is still celebrated today in a fun and interactive way!

The worksheets are suitable for use during different lesson times, such as English, History, or Mathematics. 

Worksheets are incredibly useful resources in a classroom as they give a unique way of bringing fun into a lesson, which naturally helps to keep students more engaged.

By taking away textbooks and copy books and giving just one piece of paper students do not feel as much pressure to perform and can relax and enjoy the learning process that is offered through worksheets.

If you need inspiration for other holidays check out our site to find more awesome themed worksheets.\

Helena Waters