15 Fantastic Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas For Middle School Students

What kind of bulletin boards would you want to see at your kid’s school? What kind of activities or projects would you like to see them involved in?

15 Fantastic Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas For Middle School Students

Returning to school after the summer break feels different for all your students. Maybe some are feeling nervous or anxious? Maybe others are excited or full of curiosity. 

Whatever the emotions in your classroom, our job as teachers and educators remains the same, to inspire and guide the next generation of citizens.

One of the best ways to fill your students with excitement for the semester ahead is to create a fantastic back to school bulletin board, filled with everything they have to look forward to!

We’ve taken our inspiration from websites like Pinterest and Instagram, and come up with 16 fantastic back to school bulletin board ideas aimed at middle school students. 

So if you’re a middle school teacher looking for some brilliant ideas or inspiration, read on!

1. When You Enter This Classroom Board

Our first entry on this list follows the statement we made at the beginning of this article, teachers, and educators inspire the next generation of citizens. 

This is a great way to get your kids thinking about what they can do when they enter their new class. 

You could also use it to remind yourself of your own responsibilities when entering a classroom. 

This board is designed to make your students curious about their future, whilst also reminding them that they’re all an important part of your class. It ensures that students feel happy, and like they belong in your classroom.

2. Change Your Mindset Board

A vital part of any school classroom is that students are encouraged to take on an attitude of lifelong learning and personal growth. 

This board takes this concept to its core. 

By changing the way we speak and view ourselves, we can change the way we approach challenges and our view of ourselves. 

The centerpiece of this board features a brain, with one side in black and white and the other multicolored. It prompts students to use a new language, in which they view difficulties and challenges as solvable.

Changing your mindset is incredibly important, and this bulletin board ensures that.

3. This Is Your Year To Board

This board was inspired by the idea that every year has its unique characteristics. 

It may be that your students have been working hard over the summer, so this year will be their best yet. 

Or perhaps they haven’t had much time off due to exams and assignments being completed early. 

Either way, this board is a reminder that whatever happens, there will always be another year ahead. It also inspires students to rise to challenges, but also know that they are valued.

It reminds students that every year brings a new opportunity to shine.  

4. Welcome Back Be Who You Are Board

As we mentioned in the introduction to our article, there are always a variety of emotions going through each student’s mind when they come back to school. 

Having a board like this one, which welcomes them back to school and asks them to be who they are, may just put some of your nervous student’s minds at ease. 

It reminds students that they don’t necessarily have to change in order to shine. 

5. They Made Their Mark Board

We absolutely love this board as it’s punchy but also versatile as it can be used not just as a welcome back board but for celebrating things like black history month. 

It asks students a simple question, what will their mark be on the world? 

The board features key historical figures with some of their quotes and facts about them. These can be changed depending on what the board is celebrating. 

6. Take What You Need Board

The idea behind this board is simple, students can approach it and take a post-it note with a specific message on it. 

For example, if you wanted to encourage your students to help themselves and others around them, you could give them a post-it note that says “Take what you need.” 

It serves as an inspiration board, as it could pick up a student when they’re low, or even give them the confidence to aim higher. 

7. Magical Work Coming Soon Board

At the beginning of any school year, naturally students haven’t had the chance to do some brilliant work. 

The aim of this board is to inspire your students to fill the placeholders with some of their best work. It could almost be called a call to action. 

By the end of the school year, the hope is that each placeholder will be filled with your student’s work. This bulletin board isn’t just for back to school, it is for the entire year, and it almost works as a project for your students. 

8. Class Family Is Everything Board

It’s vital that a positive tone is set in the classroom from the moment your students walk in on their first day back. 

Seeing their name on a bulletin board as they walk in might just make them feel like they’re part of a loving, caring community. 

If you want to create a welcoming atmosphere, then this board is for you! 

9. Things To Re-meme-ber Board

We love this board as it blends humor with serious messages. 

And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good meme. 

You can adapt this idea to suit the ages of the students in your classroom, or update the memes used. There are new memes becoming popularized every single day, so you can update it as and when you wish. 

10. Welcome Back Board

A great way to start the new school year is by having a welcoming board. One which reflects the ethos of a caring school. 

Much like our fourth entry on this list, this board welcomes your students back, and would look great on the door to your classroom. 

It features multicolored hearts, meant to represent each student in your classroom and their differences. Your students could even write their names in their hearts. 

11. Meet The Person Responsible For You Board

We love the idea behind this board! 

It calls on students to take responsibility for themselves and promotes their independence and growth. 

With the addition of mirrors, this board would make for an excellent reminder to your students as they start the new school year. 

12. When You Enter This School Board

This colorful board serves as a reminder of the school’s expectations of the students. At the same time, it offers comfort and reassurance that each student is loved and respected. 

This board would be well-placed as students enter the school in a visible area. 

13. All The Pieces To Build A Great Year Board

Inspired by the toy makers, Lego, this back to school board develops a sense of community and responsibility for one another amongst your students. 

To decorate the board, you could give each student a piece of color paper and ask them to write their name on it. Once they’ve done this, pin it to the board. 

14. Keys To Success Board

It’s important to set the correct tone at the start of any school year. 

This board features some keywords which serve as “keys” to success. The board serves as a reminder that a students’ success comes from within them. 

It features some key characteristics of what makes a person successful, your students could reflect on these as they go into a new school year. 

15. “We Were On A Break” Board

Who says that a good dose of humor isn’t welcome in the classroom?

This board is inspired by Ross from the TV sitcom Friends, and his famous line “We Were On A Break!” 

It offers some great tips for getting your students back into the learning mindset when they return from summer break. 

16. Classroom Rules Board

Classrooms are places where children learn about life, but also have fun. 

The rules of the classroom should reflect this balance. 

Your students will appreciate knowing what to expect when they walk through the doors of your classroom. 

This board features influential figures and some of their key quotes, along with what these quotes mean in simple terms. 


Starting a new school year can be a daunting experience for your students. The key to make them feel welcome and reassure them that they belong in your classroom starts with a good display board. 

Display boards can also be an opportunity to set out your expectations for the new school year, and can be referred back to when students don’t meet these expectations. 

These boards offer a variety of ideas for how to get started. We hope you find something here that inspires you to create a beautiful display board for your students

Helena Waters