15 Engaging Letter Y Worksheets for Children

If you’re looking for clever, fun and exciting ways for children to learn to write the letter Y, then you’ve come to the right place. 

The letter Y is a fascinating one due to the fact that it functions as both a consonant and a vowel.

The dictionary actually refers to it as a semi-vowel.

As a letter where the tail goes below the line, children can struggle with creating the letter correctly. 

Approaching the end of the alphabet, this letter is versatile and useful in a variety of words and contexts.

It is important for children to learn how it is pronounced, placed and its purpose. Just like learning any other letter, children need to be exposed to it through various activities and means of learning in order to cement that learning for life. 

These worksheets will work well for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners.

You don’t only have to be a teacher to use these worksheets.

They can be by teachers, moms, dads and even childcare providers.

Build upon your children’s handwriting, spelling and visual discrimination skills using these 15 letter Y worksheets. 

1. Letter Y is for Yellow Coloring Page 

This letter Y coloring page is a great starting point for children who are starting to learn to recognize letters.

This page is filled with images that are usually the color yellow. Children are then required to color these images yellow.

It also displays the letter Y in upper and lowercase, so children can learn how the letter Y is shaped. 

2. Things that Begin with Y Worksheet

Similarly to the first worksheet, this one focuses on objects and things that begin with the letter Y.

This sheet can also be colored in and children can explore the shape of the letter Y.

Another way to use this worksheet could be to get children to trace over the words as well as saying them out loud to practice sounding out the letter Y as well. 

3. Letter Y Mixed Activity Worksheet 

This worksheet is excellent as it finds multiple ways to explore the letter Y.

There are elements of coloring in the letters and images to add a creative flair to this worksheet particularly for younger children.

As well as this there is a section that focuses on being able to recognize the letter Y in multiple fonts. 

Alongside this, there is a section for tracing the letter Y as well as recognizing items and words that begin with the letter. 

4. Letter Y Dot-to-Dot Worksheet

This dot-to-dot is the perfect hands-on activity for children to recognize uppercase and lowercase differentiation.

All that the children need to do is color in the dots within the shape to see how the letter Y is formed in both uppercase and lowercase format.

This is a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers to tackle. 

5. Uppercase Letter Y Practice

This worksheet focuses solely on practicing the uppercase format of the letter Y.

It breaks down the letter into its two distinct shapes and allows children to practice them separately from each other.

From this, they can then put the shapes together to fully form the letter Y successfully.

This is an excellent starting point for kindergartners who are looking to learn more about the details of creating the letter Y. 

6. Cursive Letter Y Practice Worksheet 

Are you more interested in teaching your little one cursive? Then this worksheet is for you.

Similarly to the worksheet above, this one shows children how to write the letter Y in cursive.

It allows children to trace the shape of the cursive letter Y as well as giving them space to practice without tracing. 

Children can also practice joining up their cursive letter Y which is great beginning practice for when they start to establish full words in their handwriting practice.

As well as the single letter, it gives them space to trace the word ‘yak’ to begin establishing full words. 

7. Things that are Yellow Worksheet 

This worksheet has many images of things that are yellow for children to identify and color in.

They are also given a space to practice writing the word ‘yellow’.

That means that this worksheet not only focuses on practicing the letter Y, but it also allows children to practice other letters that they may have already visited before. 

See how many of the pictures your children can identify! 

8. Hidden Image Letter Y Worksheet 

Find the hidden image in this worksheet. Children must differentiate between the uppercase and lowercase letter Y.

These letters need to be filled in with two different colors to separate them from each other.

Once this is done the children will see the hidden image in the middle of the page. 

This worksheet is excellent for adding a surprise element to children’s letter practice. 

9. Letter Y Tracing Activity Worksheet

For some serious practice in writing the letter Y, use this worksheet.

There is a lot of space for children to practice writing the letter both with and without tracing support.

The letters are large which allows for children to focus on their motor skills when it comes to tracing these letters. 

This sheet also comes with a handy guide at the top which serves as a reminder to the children filling out the sheet in case they are struggling. 

10. Practice Letter Y Worksheet

This worksheet offers children the opportunity to identify, trace and write the letter Y with a variety of tasks.

Children can color in the letter Y as well as circle and identify the letter within a big jumble of other letters.

With a helpful visual aid, children can trace and write the letter Y on their own and will become experts in no time! 

11. Recognizing Fonts for the Letter Y 

Learning the letter Y may seem easy and children may be at a point where they can easily identify the letter.

However, once children start to see text printed in varying fonts it can be difficult for them to recognize which letters are which. 

This worksheet gives children the opportunity to look at the letter in a range of fonts and allows them to identify the letter Y.

Your children will be avid readers no matter the font. 

12. Letter Y Pattern Maze Worksheet

Puzzles are an amazing way to exercise your child’s mind.

For this worksheet children must be able to identify the letter Y and use this ability to help them solve the puzzle maze.

They can draw a line guiding them through the maze, joining together all the letter Y’s in one consecutive line in order to find their way to the other end.

 This worksheet is guaranteed to get your children thinking as well as allowing them to practice the letter Y. 

13. Trace Words that Begin with Y Worksheet 

Once your children have mastered being able to identify the letter Y and being able to write the letter Y on its own, then they must practice writing the letter in a full word.

This worksheet comes in handy for just that.

Children are asked to trace the word that begins with the letter Y and then practice writing it on their own. 

This activity is best for children who are a little older and are starting their journey of reading and writing full words. 

14. Letter Y Puzzle Worksheet 

Get your scissors ready because this worksheet is a lot of fun!

All you need to do is cut out the individual pieces that make up the large letter Y.

Once you’ve done this, children are to attempt to put the puzzle pieces together. 

This activity helps children identify the shape of the letter Y as well as providing them with images of items that begin with that letter.

As well as this, children will be practicing a jigsaw style puzzle which further stretches their knowledge. 

15. Letter Y Case Differentiation 

For this activity children are encouraged to identify the difference between an uppercase and lowercase letter Y.

They will differentiate them by coloring them in two different colors.

These letter Y coloring pages are an easy starter activity for any child. Why not try this activity with other letters too? 

Final Thoughts

There is no such thing as too early for your children to start looking at letters and how they’re formed.

It is often easier for a child to learn to speak if they are introduced to letters and how they sound and are formed early on in their development.

These worksheets range in difficulty and are great activities for starting to look at the letter Y. 

There are many ways to approach teaching children about the letter Y.

These worksheets will fit nicely into any lesson plan or at home activity for your child who is learning to read and write.

We hope you find these worksheets engaging as well as challenging. 

Have fun! 

Helena Waters