15 Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas For June

Bulletin boards are great because they allow you to display information in a way that makes sense to you. They also give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with other people.

15 Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas For June

In a classroom, a bulletin board is an excellent method of displaying important announcements and reminders for students. It can also be used to create themed displays for various events or activities.

In addition, it provides a space where teachers can post their lesson plans and assignments.

Are you thinking about decorating your classroom’s bulletin board for the month of June? Perhaps you are looking for some inspiration on how to make this year’s bulletin board stand out from previous years’ versions.

In this article, we will discuss 15 best classroom bulletin board ideas for June. We hope these ideas inspire you to come up with a unique design that reflects your personality as well as your teaching style.

Events That Take Place In June

There are several events that take place during the month of June, whether you are looking at the month as a whole, or individual dates that fall within the month.

There are so many events to celebrate, and you can use the bulletin board to educate your class about them.

There are also certain themes that are often associated with this specific month. We have listed a couple below, so that you can take inspiration and come up with your own ideas for the bulletin board.

Here are some dates and themes that you may want to use, and celebrate, throughout the month of June.


  • Pride Month
  • National PTSD Awareness Month
  • National Candy Month
  • National Safety Month


  • June 1st – International Children’s Day
  • June 2nd – National Gun Violence Awareness Day
  • June 5th – World Environment Day
  • June 8th – National Best Friends Day
  • June 12th – Anne Frank’s Birthday
  • June 14th – Family History Day
  • June 18th – Autistic Pride Day
  • June 19th – Juneteenth (Emancipation Day)
  • June 23rd – National Pink Day
  • June 28th – International LGBT+ Pride Day
  • 3rd Sunday of June – Father’s Day
  • End of June – First Day of Summer


  • The Start of Summer
  • Nature
  • Sunshine
  • Pride
  • Friendship
  • Safety and Wellbeing

Bulletin Board Ideas For June

Now that we have given you some ideas for themes and celebrations, let us move on to discussing what kind of bulletin board you should create.

Here are some suggestions.

1. ‘The Start Of Summer’ Bulletin Board

Summer is just around the corner! The sun is making an appearance, and it is time to play outside. This is, no doubt, an exciting time for your students.

15 Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas For June (1)

Celebrate the start of summer by decorating your bulletin board to look like a beach, or a sunny day in the park.

Ask the children what their favorite outdoor activities are during the summer, and incorporate these activities into the display.

You could even ask the children to write down their favorite memories of summer, and paste them onto the board.

Don’t forget to make a big shining sun using yellow cardboard and lots of golden glitter!

2. ‘Flip Flop Into Summer’ Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is perfect for celebrating the end of school, and the beginning of summer vacation. Flip-flops are one of the most popular shoes among kids.

They love wearing flip-flops because they feel comfortable and easy to wear.

You can show off your students’ creativity by asking them to draw pictures of flip-flops, and hang each drawing up on the board on a clothesline, or a long piece of string.

Or, you could simply cut out the shape of a flip-flop from construction paper. Then, glue the flip-flop to the board.

3. ‘We All Scream For Ice Cream’ Bulletin Board

You scream, we scream… It is finally that time of year when we can enjoy our favorite flavors of ice cream in the sun!

15 Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas For June (2)

Print out outlines of ice cream cones – like this one – and pass the hand outs to your students. Ask them to use coloring pens, pencils, and other craft materials to create their ideal ice cream cone! Then, cut out the drawings, and pin them onto the board in a pattern.

You could even organize the ice cream in order of the colors of the rainbow! E.g., pink = strawberry, yellow = vanilla, green = mint chocolate chip, blue = bubblegum, etc.

4. ‘How Can We Stay Safe?’ Bulletin Board

June is not only National Safety Month, but National Gun Violence Awareness Day is on the 2nd. Depending on how old your students are, you may want to take this opportunity to talk about gun safety with them.

Ask your students to think about ways they can protect themselves if someone were to try to hurt them. Discussing the dangers of guns, knives, and other dangerous objects will help your students understand why it is important to stay safe.

If the children in your class are quite young, you might consider creating a bulletin board that looks like a police station.

Print out images of police officers, stick them up on the wall, and explain what the police do to protect the public, and keep us safe. Teach them how to call ‘911’ if they are in danger.

5. ‘The Beauty That Still Remains’ Bulletin Board

June 12th is the birthday of Anne Frank, a young girl who wrote her famous diary while hiding from the Nazis, and died at the age of 15 in Bergen Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

Frank has become an inspirational figure for many people around the world. It is significant to teach your students about Frank and her family, and how they were punished for being ‘different’.

Teach them that it is essential to love and respect everyone, no matter whether their religion or culture is different to their own.

To celebrate her life and work, you could print out images of Frank, and add quotes from her diary. One great quote is, ‘I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains’. 

6. ‘Wall Of Pride’ Bulletin Board

Pride Month, International LGBT+ Pride Day, and Autistic Pride Day all take place throughout June.

There have been debates over the years whether young children should be taught about the LGBT+ community, but we believe that it is important to educate children about equality and acceptance.

Autism is also something that young children should be taught about, and there may even be members of your class who have autism.

The LGBT+ flag is made up of rainbow stripes, and the symbol of autism is a collection of rainbow-colored puzzle pieces. You could use different colored puzzle pieces to form a rainbow on the board, and then write down some facts about each color.

7. ‘What Makes Us Special?’ Bulletin Board

On June 18th, it is World Autism Awareness Day, which is celebrated every year on the same day. As we previously mentioned, it is so important to make awareness of autism a priority in schools, as well as teaching children about equality and acceptance of others.

15 Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas For June (3)

You could create a special bulletin board that focuses on autism, and includes information about autism, as well as pictures of successful, influential people on the spectrum. Some of these would include Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Jane Austin, and Elon Musk.

You could also talk to your students about what makes them special. What makes them unique? Why is it essential to appreciate those differences? Ask them to write these down, so you can pin these notes onto the board.

Again, you can add the colorful puzzle pieces to this display to represent the autistic spectrum. 

8. ‘Fight Germs Like Superheroes’ Bulletin Board

In addition to June being National Safety Month, it is also Superman Day on June 12th. Why not combine these events to create an exciting display about germs and superheroes?

Create an image of Superman, or design images of his logo, or his cape. Then, write facts about germs, and tell students that they should act ‘like superheroes’ when it comes to fighting germs.

Some important things to remind your class are to wash their hands, cover coughs with tissues, and avoid touching their eyes. Also, remember that it is very important to keep our homes clean, so they should help their parents to clean up every day.

9. ‘Flip(Flop) The Pages’ Bulletin Board

We have already mentioned that flip-flops are one of the most popular shoes for kids during the summer. They are easy to wear, and comfortable.

15 Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas For June (4)

Get creative and create a bulletin board filled with flip-flops, as well as some printed off images of famous children’s book covers! Encourage your students to ‘flip(flop) the pages’ of these books, spending some time reading these books in the sun.

You could even ask your students what their favorite books are, and then print off the book covers to pin to the board. Or, ask them to draw their favorite characters from their favorite books.

10. ‘Love Is Love’ Bulletin Board

We have already touched upon the subject of Pride Month, and how we believe that it is important for children to learn about LGBTQ+ issues.

If you want to continue this theme, why not create a bulletin board displaying quotes about love? You could get some large sheets of paper, cut out rainbow-colored hearts, and paste them onto the board.

Get creative with rainbow designs, and add the other flags that represent the LGBTQ+ community.

Similar to the ‘What Makes Us Special?’ idea, you could add photographs of influential figures who are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Some examples include Oscar Wilde, Frida Kahlo, Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres, and – someone who may be very popular among your students – Jojo Siwa! 

11. ‘Feet In The Sand’ Bulletin Board

This is a fun activity that your class will enjoy taking part in. Grab some paints, and tell the kids to kick off their shoes and socks. Then, get them to create paintings by painting their feet and stomping on some blank pieces of paper.

Create a beach scene on the board, using blue and beige paper to create the sea and sand. Add beach balls and sandcastles to set the scene.

Then, cut out each footprint and pin them to the board with each student’s name under their footprint. This will allow everyone to see which foot belongs to whom! 

12. ‘Picnic Basket’ Bulletin Board

Who doesn’t love a picnic?! When it is sunny out, there is nothing more fun than filling a basket up with food, laying out a blanket, and sitting on the grass with some sandwiches and cake.

To encourage your students to eat outdoors, create a picnic basket bulletin board. Create an image of a picnic basket, and use different materials to make a blanket across some grass.

Then, you could hand each student a paper plate, and tell them to use different craft materials to add their favorite picnic foods to their plates. Pin each plate on the board, creating an interactive picnic bulletin board!

13. ‘Keeping Cool In Class’ Bulletin Board

Children of young ages may find it difficult to keep their emotions under control when they are learning something new. If this sounds familiar, then you can help them deal with stress by offering techniques, such as breathing exercises or yoga poses.

Consider making a bulletin board dedicated to keeping cool in school. Create a beach scene, or a sunny day in a park, for the background of the board. Then, add notes of coping techniques for when the children feel overwhelmed.

You could also consider adding a few pictures of children doing yoga poses, or holding hands while walking through a field of flowers. These images would remind students of the importance of self-control.

14. ‘Bee Nice To Everybody!’ Bulletin Board

Returning to the idea of supporting those with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+, it is essential that we teach our students to be kind to others.

If you have any students who struggle with bullying, you could create a bulletin board displaying messages encouraging kindness towards all people.

Use bright colors like yellow, orange, and pink to create a cheerful message. Then, write down quotes from famous authors, including Maya Angelou, Dr Seuss, and Shel Silverstein. You could even add a quote about kindness written by yourself.

Add images of bees and beehives to match the title of ‘Bee Nice to Everybody’ so that the children understand what the message means. You could also include a picture of a honey jar, reminding them to be ‘sweet’ to their peers.

15. ‘Think About Pink’ Bulletin Board

Lastly, here’s an idea to celebrate National Pink Day on June 23rd. Create a board filled with all things pink!

15 Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas For June (5)

Some boys in your class may not like the color pink, as they have been taught by society that it is a feminine color. Ask each member of your class to think of something pink that they enjoy, whether these ideas are feminine or not: this could be strawberry ice cream, piglets, or even earthworms (ew!).

This will remind the boys that there is nothing wrong with liking something, even if it is perceived to be ‘feminine’. Encourage them to share their thoughts with the class, and display them on the board.

Final Thoughts

Bulletin boards are great tools for teaching kids how to manage themselves in the classroom. They allow teachers to communicate important information and messages to the whole class at once, but without having to shout over the noise of the room.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our bulletin board display ideas for your classroom, all designed to celebrate the month of June.

Hopefully you have found an idea that you would like to use, or you have been inspired by the dates, events, and themes that we have listed.

Good luck, and happy crafting!

Helena Waters