15 Brilliant Valentine’s Day Worksheets – Teach Your Kindergarten Students All About Love

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide on February 14th. The holiday was originally created to honor Saint Valentine who was martyred in Rome during the third century AD.

In the United States, it has become a commercialized event where couples exchange gifts and cards.

15 Brilliant Valentine's Day Worksheets - Teach Your Preschoolers All About Love

That being said, it’s a perfect opportunity to teach your students important lessons about all things love.

This includes but is not limited to aspects of what a healthy relationship looks like, friendship, acceptance, and respect for one another. 

In this article we will be sharing with you 15 brilliant Valentine’s Day worksheets that are sure to help you get started teaching these important concepts to your kindergarten students!

Nearly all the worksheets listed in this article are geared towards improving your student’s literacy, math, and fine motor skills, so not only do they learn all about the key messages behind Valentine’s Day, they also practice the key curriculum requirements!

These worksheets can be used as an independent activity or paired with other activities that focus on the same topics.

They’re great for both preschool and kindergarten classrooms, and incredibly enjoyable to complete.

So if you’re looking for some brilliant worksheets for Valentine’s Day, read on and check out our Best Valentine’s Day Worksheets!

1. Valentine’s Day Phonics Worksheet

This Valentine’s Day Phonics worksheet will help your child learn how to spell the word “love” while practicing their phonics skills, in particular short ‘u’ sounds.

It’s a fun way to introduce the concept of love to young children.

There is a word tracing exercise, coloring exercises, and a fill in the missing letter exercise. 

The featured word in this phonics worksheet is ‘hug’ and as such all the tasks in the worksheet center on this work and the short ‘u’ sound. 

2. Valentine’s Day Message Card

Who doesn’t love receiving a hand made Valentine’s Day card! This worksheet teaches your students the importance of giving a card to someone they appreciate in their life, such as a friend or family member. 

There’s plenty of room on this worksheet for your students to write a Valentine’s Day message. It features a lovely baby chick wearing a heart.

Your students can write their message inside the heart, color then cut out the card and give it to a friend or family member. 

3. Valentine’s Day Math Worksheet

This worksheet would be ideal for kindergarten students! The student is asked to count the hearts inside the butterfly wings, color in the empty hearts and write the number that makes up 10 in the box provided. 

The making 10 strategy helps students to develop their math skills, in particular the ability to solve math problems in their heads. 

4. Valentine’s Day Word Search

This Valentine’s Day Word Search really gets your little sweethearts thinking about all things love. 

It has 17 featured words all related to the holiday of love, including flowers, friends, heart and more. 

This worksheet would make an excellent extension activity for those high achievers who need to be challenged.

You could also take some of the words it includes and make a spelling activity. 

5. Valentine’s Day Maze 

This Valentine’s Day Maze Worksheet would make a fantastic closing activity the whole class can enjoy!

Using a pencil, crayon or maker, the students must find their way through the heart shaped maze. Starting at the “in” arrow and ending at the “exit” one. 

Once they’re found their way through the maze, the worksheet can then be colored in and cut out. 

This worksheet will help your students with their fine motor skills as they need to stay within the lines of the maze. 

6. Valentine’s Day Color By Numbers Worksheet

This color by numbers worksheet is a fantastic resource for kindergarten students. It features a loveable bunny holding a big heart with flowers in the background. 

Your students will build their number and color recognition skills by making use of the color and number key at the bottom of the page. 

Once they’ve completed their bunny, this worksheet would be ideal for a display board celebrating your students’ work!

7. Valentine’s Day Color By Letters Worksheet

This Valentine’s Day Color By Letter Worksheet would be perfect for Kindergarten students.

It features a cute ladybug with heart shaped spots, a dove, flowers, and a few hearts in the background.

Students are given a list of letters and have to complete each task using only the corresponding letter and the color associated with it. 

This is a great resource for getting your students to recognize colors and letters and improving their fine motor skills. 

Much like the Color By Numbers worksheet above, this worksheet would look great on a display board, once they’ve been cut out of course. 

8. Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

Much like the second entry on our list, this worksheet has plenty of space on it for your students to write a personal message to their friends, parents, or teachers. 

The worksheet features a large ladybug standing next to a giant heart. 

Once they’re filled out their message, students could color in the ladybug and heart, cut it out and use it as a gift to the important people in their lives. 

9. Valentine’s Day Poem

This Valentine’s Day Poetry Writing Worksheet would be perfect if you want to get your students writing poems about love. 

In this acrostic poem worksheet, students are asked to write a poem using the words that spell out Valentine’s Day.

They’re asked to make the poem as descriptive as possible, using as many adjectives as possible to describe the Valentine’s Day holiday. 

This worksheet is designed for students in the second grade, although if you have any gifted and talented kindergarten students you want to stretch this worksheet could be useful. 

10. Valentine’s Day Maze Worksheet For Kindergarten

Much like the fifth entry in our list of worksheets, this entry is a maze designed for kindergarten students, and should help them develop their problem-solving and fine motor skills. 

The worksheet features a heart shaped maze with Start and Finish points, your students must find the finish point by getting through the maze, with small hearts blocking the path. 

Once they’re found their way through the maze, they can color in the worksheet. 

11. Valentine’s Day Coloring Page

If you want to teach your students all about love, then this coloring page would be perfect for you. 

This particular page features a number of cartoon hearts which can be colored in. The only limit to what your students could produce is their imagination. 

This would make a brilliant finisher activity, as it’s fun and very straightforward. 

As a challenge, you could ask the students to write a poem or message in each heart, or ask them to come up with meanings of Valentine’s Day and write them in each heart. 

12. Valentine’s Crossword Puzzle

Whilst this worksheet is designed for third-graders, it could be used to challenge some of your brighter students. 

At the top of the worksheet you’ll see the word ‘Valentine.’

Each of the letters making up the word have been placed in their own box, students must cut out all nine boxes and use these letters to come up with three/four-letter words in the crossword puzzle. 

13. Valentines Tracing Worksheet

This is a simple yet effective worksheet that will help develop your student’s fine motor skills. 

Students are asked to help the robot characters on the worksheet find their valentines by tracing the dotted lines. Once they’re done this, they can color the worksheet in. 

14. Valentine’s Day I Spy Worksheet

In this very fun works sheet, students are presented with the game I Spy, but with a Valentine’s Day theme. 

They must find and count out each of the symbols (which range from hearts to roses, and cupid’s bows) then tally how many they can find at the bottom of the worksheet. 

15. Find The Match Valentine’ Day Worksheet

 In this extremely fun worksheet, students are asked to find all the owls that match. 

This could be quite challenging for some students, as the differences between the owls are quite subtle.

Once they’ve matched the owls, this worksheet could be colored in and used for a display board. 

On the surface, this worksheet looks incredibly simple, but it is actually a lot more time-consuming than you would expect. It is a challenge, but it is definitely an enjoyable one!


With so much choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day activities, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get involved! 

Valentine’s Day is a national celebration, and it is enjoyed by everybody, children included. So, it is incredibly important that you do something to celebrate the big day with your class.

Whether you choose to create a lesson plan, or simply print off one of the ideas listed above, we hope that you enjoy using these resources. 

Happy Teaching!

Helena Waters