15 Best Preschool Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are a huge part of your classroom that can have a serious impact on your students.

15 Best Preschool Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Not only are they educational and can contain important information your students have recently learned, but they can also be a great way to bring color and vibrancy to your classroom.

This can encourage and excite your students, allowing them to learn in a more fun and comfortable environment. 

So, you will definitely want to decorate your bulletin boards with some fun ideas – but finding inspiration for these fun ideas can be tricky. 

If you want some great ideas for your spring-themed preschool bulletin board, then check out our list below!

Here are fifteen amazing ideas for preschool bulletin boards all revolving around the idea of spring and its associated themes.

Pick out some of your favorite ideas and see which one best suits your classroom and students! 

Blooming Flowers 

Growth and new beginnings are two of the main themes associated with spring, and one great way to convey that to your very young students is through flowers. 

Flowers grow from seeds to blooming beauties and you can perfectly replicate  these paper pictures on your bulletin board.

This is also a great way to bring lots of brightness and colors to your classroom and you can shake things up by portraying different kinds of flowers – daisies, roses, sunflowers, tulips. etc. 

This idea is sure to make a gorgeous display for your classroom and will definitely interest your students, teaching them the cycle of growth through flowers. 

The Butterfly Cycle 

Springtime is also known as the butterfly season because it’s when butterflies begin their life cycles.

So, if you want to teach your young students about the cycle of life, then you could use the theme of butterflies to help illustrate this concept. 

You can decorate your bulletin board with the cycle of a butterfly’s life, starting with a very fluffy caterpillar enjoying lots of different foods like apples and leaves, then transforming into a cocoon made from crinkled tissue paper. 

Finally, you can finish the cycle with a giant, beautiful butterfly that is colorful and eye-catching using different materials for its wings like foil. 

This will make your bulletin board stunning to look at and will definitely lighten up the atmosphere of your classroom. It also perfectly shows your preschoolers how a caterpillar eventually becomes a butterfly. 

The Frog Life Cycle

If you want to try something different, you can convey the same lesson but through frogs instead of butterflies. 

You can decorate your bulletin board to resemble a giant bond with lilies and lily pads, but also lots of tadpoles that grow step by step into frogs.

You can still use lots of different colors and a variety of materials for different textures like crinkled cards, tissue paper, foil, bottle caps and cotton. 

This will create a cute and fun bulletin board display that teaches your students about the lifecycle of another animal.

Frogs also relate to a lot of nursery rhymes like ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ so you can link your bulletin board into counting lessons and singing! 

Bee Amazing

Preschoolers love puns and puns are a great way to bring some humor and lightheartedness to your classroom, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for your preschoolers to thrive in. 

A great spring-themed pun is ‘Bee Amazing’ which can also double as a great way to inspire your preschoolers and encourage them to be nice and kind to others.

This inspirational quote along with lots of images of smiling cartoon bumblebees makes for a vibrant and fun bulletin board that will definitely brighten up your classroom. 

You can also make dozens of bees with small photographs of your students’ faces stuck onto the bees, making it appear that they are the bees.

This will definitely amuse them and make them feel proud to see themselves represented on the classroom bulletin board. 

You’re A Ray Of Sunshine! 

Spring brings the sunshine after a long winter and your students are probably very happy to see some sunshine and be able to play outdoors once again.

Sunshine is closely connected to thoughts of happiness and confidence, and confidence is key for your preschoolers to grow and develop. 

So, why not turn your bulletin board into a giant display with the inspirational quote: “You’re A Ray Of Sunshine!”

In the background, you can include lots of yellow paper and foil shaped to resemble a giant sun, with photographs of your students scattered all around.

This will make them feel confident and happy, bringing warmth and joy to your classroom’s environment. 

April Showers

Spring does not only bring sunshine but also lots of rain and wet weather. This is a great way to teach your students to think optimistically and lift them up from feeling blue because of the rain.

Rain can cancel their plans and force them to stay indoors, so use your bulletin board to celebrate rain and all the good things it does. 

You can create  a fun bulletin board that shows all the fun things associated with rain.

You can feature an image of someone jumping in muddy puddles (or the very popular Peppa Pig), flowers looking happy and growing in the rain, frogs and worms loving the wet weather.

This will make your students think alternatively about the rain and see it as a good thing. 

Learning Colors Through The Rainbow

15 Best Preschool Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Due to the instability with spring weather, a great phenomenon often seen during springtime are rainbows! 

You can turn your bulletin board into a giant rainbow with lots of colors and accurately label them so your preschoolers can learn about colors.

You can include in each color other things that also share the same color. For example, you can include a picture of the sun for the yellow section, or grass for the green section or ladybugs in the red section. 

This will make your students think more about colors, recognize them and be able to name them more easily. 

Hungry For Knowledge

Everyone knows that caterpillars like to eat – even preschoolers. You can take this idea and run with it for your bulletin board. 

You can make a giant caterpillar happily eating on lots of leaves and different kinds of foods, with a giant heading of ‘We Are Hungry For Knowledge’.

This will make your preschoolers feel like they too are just like a hungry caterpillar but instead of eating leaves, they are eating up lots of information and learning new things! 

This makes this your bulletin board very inspiring and encouraging for your little students.

Remember to use lots of different colors and patterns for your caterpillar’s body to make the bulletin board interesting. 

Counting With Ducklings

You can use your bulletin board as a way to teach your students many necessary skills like counting and one great way to do so is to include interactive bits that can help with visualizing numbers and counting. 

To make this feature spring themed, turn the background of your bulletin board into a pond and include a large image of a mother duck. 

Around her in the pond, you can include ten identical yellow ducklings, each with a number written on their bodies.

This can be used by your preschoolers as a tool for counting to ten, and also help them visualize subtraction and adding. 

If you want to be very creative, you can attach Velcro to the back of the ducklings and small pieces to the bulletin board, allowing you to remove ducklings from the bulletin board and move them around to suit your lessons’ needs. 

The Alphabet Caterpillar

Another great way to turn your bulletin board into a useful educational tool for teaching preschoolers is to turn it into a giant caterpillar.

On the bulletin board, create a long caterpillar with lots of round sections of its body. In each circular part of the caterpillar’s body will be a letter.

The letters should then form the alphabet, starting with the letter ‘A’ at the top and ‘Z’ at the bottom.

This can then be used as a reference point for your preschoolers when learning the alphabet. 

Alternatively, you could make your alphabet caterpillar into a ‘number’ caterpillar instead.

Swap out the letters for numbers reaching as high as 10 or 20. This can be used to help guide your preschoolers when teaching them how to count too. 

We’ve Got The Reading Bug

Encouraging your preschoolers to read is very important as reading is key to a child’s development.

Therefore, you will probably be planning on reading through a few different books with your class through the year. 

A great way to encourage your students to seek out more books and read on their own is to make a giant display encouraging them to do so by using your bulletin board.

You can decorate your bulletin board with cartoon bugs each reading a different book, surrounding the title of ‘We’ve Got The Reading Bug’.

This will help normalize reading and inspire your students to read more themselves. 

You can also include recommended books for your students to read. Include pictures of their covers so they might recognize it when out with their families and ask to read it themselves.

You can also include images of books you have already covered together as a class and books you will be reading in the future. 

Egg-cited About Spring

15 Best Preschool Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

With spring comes the holiday of Easter, an important part of the Christian calendar and such a widely celebrated holiday that many of your students are sure to be celebrating it.

So, why not help them get excited for Easter by making an Easter themed bulletin board this spring?

You can create a wonderful spring scene with lots of flowers, bugs, birds, trees, sunshine and bunnies. As a little secret, you can hide colorful Easter eggs in the display as a kind of egg hunt.

You can make folded, interactive parts of the display by making 3D flowers and leaves, hiding an egg underneath. This can be a fun game you can play with your students and get them excited for Easter! 

We’re Blooming!

Spring heralds the approaching end of the academic year and now is a great time to look back on where your students started out at the beginning of the school year compared to now.

Perhaps some of your students have grown in height, read more books or learned to count to a new number – that’s amazing! 

So, why not celebrate all of this growth on your bulletin board?

Represent this by making a display of growing flowers on your bulletin board and within the center of each flower, include a photograph of your students’ face.

This will represent just how much your students have grown over the year, whether physically or mentally, and make them feel proud of the distance they have covered in just a few months. 


A great way to teach your preschoolers more about clothes and language is to transform your bulletin board into a clothesline with lots of notes attached by pegs to the line.

Make the background of your bulletin board into a scene with clouds and blue sky.

Run two or three lines of string across the bulletin board in a straight line and hand paper cut-outs of pieces of clothing using pegs – socks, shirts, dresses, pants, etc. 

On each piece of clothing, you can write certain words your students are learning that year. You could be teaching them different adjectives or nouns, and this bulletin board can help them with spelling.

You can use words like ‘and’ and ‘the’ as these are important words to learn when it comes to reading and speaking. 

Flying High

This final design idea involves your students’ participation and this is a great idea as not only does it take some work off you, but also allows your students to work together and express themselves through their own creativity. 

Have your students each color in a picture of a bird in any way they like. Then, cut out the birds and use them to decorate your bulletin board.

The bulletin board’s background can resemble a tree and each of the birds represent each one of your students. 

This will allow the bulletin board to feel like a product of the class instead of something you have made yourself, plus it’s a fun activity that involves everyone. 


These ideas are just a taste of what you can do with your bulletin board. There are so many possibilities and you can always add more if you want to.

Inspiration is everywhere but if you are ever stuck, check out our ideas right here for some fun and creative ideas for your preschool bulletin boards! 

So, grab your scissors, glue gun and paintbrush and start creating!

Helena Waters