15 Best February Inspired Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are a great way to decorate your classroom and completely change the mood from a dull, drab place to somewhere bright and colorful.

This difference can really influence your students and encourage them to enjoy school more and want to learn, so it’s important that you use your bulletin boards to your advantage.

15 Best February Inspired Bulletin Board Ideas

However, finding inspiration for fun and creative ideas for your bulletin boards can be difficult at times.

If you want some ideas for February themed bulletin boards, then here are fifteen great ideas that you can take inspiration from. Take a look at all the ideas below and pick out your favorite ones!

Love Is In The Air

February is best known for being the same month as Valentine’s Day, the day for celebrating love!

So, you may want to decorate your bulletin board with cartoon drawings of anthropomorphized animals in love – squirrels giving their partners bunches of flowers, bears offering their partner boxes of chocolates, etc.

This can be very colorful, very bright and also very amusing to a lot of students, especially preschoolers and kindergartners.

This design will require a lot of work and effort on your part but it’s a great creative idea and will look amazing on your bulletin board.

Bee Mine

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your students by designing your bulletin board with lots of puns and Valentine iconography.

This means decorating your bulletin board with warm colors like yellow, pink and red, and attaching plenty of Valentine symbols like hearts.

To make your bulletin board more interesting and unique, you can include a lot of bees and make the pun ‘bee mine!’ which is sure to amuse your students and brighten up your bulletin board.

It’s also great for evoking feelings of spring, which is just around the corner now that winter is soon ending.

Showing Our Love For Those We Care About

While Valentine’s Day is a conventionally romantic holiday, it is also a great opportunity to show your love and support for those you care about.

There are lots of different kinds of love like platonic, familial and unconditional love and perhaps you could explain the different kinds of love to your students.

When it comes to your bulletin board, you can ask your students who they would like to show their thanks and love to – it could be a friend, a relative or even their pet.

Ask them to draw a picture and say why they love that person so much, then attach it to the wall to fill in your bulletin board!

This gives your students the opportunity to reflect on all the positive people in their life and be grateful for the things that they do – their guardians for caring for them, their friends for making them laugh, their pets for being a faithful companion, even you for teaching them and helping them learn new things!

All The Things We Love

While focusing on this theme of love, you can further expand it to cover the things your students love. This can relate to hobbies, foods, television programs, books, school subjects, games, etc.

This allows you to be more creative with your February-inspired bulletin board and you (and your students) can make lots of fun and quirky paintings of all of their favorite things.

Whether it’s Fortnite, Spider-Man, Barbies or reading, you can add these things to your bulletin board and make the environment of your classroom a place that reflects your class and makes it very personal to them.

This will allow your students to feel more at home in your classroom and will be more engaged with the work.

How To Say I Love You

How To Say I Love You

It may be interesting to make a bulletin board with the instructions on how to say ‘I Love You’ in lots of different languages.

In the center could be written “I love you” in English and around it shall be giant hearts, each with the words “I love you” but in different languages. Such languages can include French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and many more.

Ask your students if they speak any languages other than English and try to include that language on your bulletin board.

This will give them the opportunity to discuss more about the other languages they speak and show off their talents.

Acts Of Kindness

Showing love to others can be translated into simple acts of kindness and through a wonderful bulletin board, you can remind your students that they should do nice things to show that they love and appreciate someone.

Ask them to give examples of how they can show the people that they love them this Valentine’s Day.

This can range from doing a siblings’ chores as a gift, giving their dog an extra treat, helping a friend with their homework. They can even give actual gifts like flowers, a card or a box of their favorite candy.

With all of these examples, make pictures and signs suggesting them as acts of kindness, then attach them to your bulletin board so the children in your class can be inspired by them to do the same thing.

Healthy Relationships

February is the month of love, so now is a great time to teach your students all about healthy relationships and the signs of bad relationships.

You can divide your bulletin board in two and give examples on either side of what makes a good relationship and what makes a bad one.

For example, calling someone names or saying cruel things will fall onto the ‘bad relationship’ side.

For the healthy relationship side, you can attach signs that say ‘listening’ and ‘helping with chores’ and ‘spending quality time’.

These relationships do not necessarily have to be romantic, but explaining to your students that sometimes people in relationships can be mean to one another will help them realize that they don’t have to put up with people being mean to them because they are their ‘friend’ or relative.

This can set them up for the future when they may have to distance themselves from friends who are being mean to them or speak out about relatives who make them upset in any way.

The Meaning Of Flowers

This bulletin board idea is a great way to bring lots of color and feelings of spring into your classroom, yet it still ties in with February due to its connection to Valentine’s Day.

A popular gift given on Valentine’s Day is flowers so it might be fun to explain to your students all the different meanings behind different flowers.

For example, red roses are romantic love but yellow roses are linked to friendship instead.

Daisies are used to symbolize youth and innocence while daffodils represent chivalry. Hyacinths are playful and hydrangeas symbolize gratitude – the list goes on!

This gives you ample opportunity to fill your bulletin board with lots of paper tissue models of flowers and a rainbow of colors that is sure to liven up your classroom ready for the spring.

Presidents’ Day

Presidents' Day

Valentine’s Day is not the only celebration that takes place in February as every third Monday of February is declared as Presidents’ Day!

This day is made to celebrate some of the greatest Presidents in our country’s history and you can feature some of them (or all) on your bulletin board.

Use traditional American colors like red, white and blue for the color scheme and include portraits of each President you want to feature.

If you want only a select few, then some inspirational Presidents include Barack Obama, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

You can also include famous quotes from certain Presidents and examples of the great things they have done!

The Super Bowl

The Superbowl is the most watched sporting event in America and there’s no doubt that most of your students will be watching.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your class involved in watching the big game, then why not use the opportunity to decorate your bulletin board to celebrate the event?

Split your bulletin board into two with each team displayed on either side. You can include the main players, and a photograph of each of the students on the side they are supporting.

It gets your students excited about this big annual event and may inspire them to get active and play some football themselves (although, hopefully, not indoors!).

Decorate your bulletin board with a green background to match a football field and include lots of symbolism like footballs, posts, and helmets.

Black History Month

February is also an important month because it is the month we celebrate black lives and learn more about black history.

To celebrate Black History Month, you could create a bulletin board featuring images of African-American historical figures.

You could include Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks. You can include portraits, examples of their important deeds and inspirational quotes they are famous for.

If your students are a little older and mature, you can also be more frank about the troubles and terrible treatment black Americans have faced for centuries and still suffer from today.

A timeline of important events in black history is also a good idea to mark milestone events in American history such as the end of slavery, segregation, and protests and marches that sparked change in American policies.

Celebrating Black Lives

You can also use your bulletin board to celebrate some of the most inspirational black figures in American history as well as those who are also great role models for your students.

Such people include historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks, as well as celebrities like Beyoncé or Oprah, or sports personalities like Michael Jordan or Jesse Owens.

Include these amazing and inspirational figures on your bulletin board along with their great achievements so your students can understand why they are so respected and how they can aim to be more like these people.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr

One of the most inspiring figures in black history is Martin Luther King Jr. To celebrate his life, you could display pictures of him on your bulletin board alongside quotes and facts about him.

For example, you could mention how Martin Luther King Jr was a preacher and civil rights leader who worked tirelessly to improve equality between all races.

You could also include the famous ‘I have a dream’ speech that Martin Luther King Jr gave on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

This will all tie into Black History Month but also educate your students about one of the greatest figures in American history and why he should be remembered as one of the most inspirational people in the world.

How To Stand Up To Bullies

Black History Month aims to reduce racism in the US through educating children about equality and helping them to understand how horrible racism truly is.

It’s important to give your students the tools they need to stand up for themselves and for others to show that they do not condone such behavior.

So, for your bulletin board, you can demonstrate all the ways your students can stand up to bullies and support their friends when others are being cruel and mean.

Such advice can include telling a teacher, saying nice things to the person being bullied, including the victim in your play and make them aware that they have a friend.

It can also advise your students to listen when others call you out for being mean, and to apologize when in the wrong.

All of these help your students to grow and become better people with more empathy and understanding for others.

Black People In Sports

Celebrate black lives further by celebrating black sports stars and athletes in particular.

These people have had to endure tough treatment while dedicating themselves to their spot while rising to become some of the best in their field.

They are inspirational and also promote a healthy lifestyle to your students with exercise and by paying attention to their mental health. This also ties in neatly with the Super Bowl and the theme of sports.

Such sport professionals you can feature on your bulletin board include Simone Biles, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Jesse Owens, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and so many others.

Feature them, their sport and their achievements on your bulletin board to show just how talented and hardworking they are.


So, those are fifteen unique and super interesting themes for your bulletin board that all suits the month of February.

Whether you choose to focus on Valentine’s Day or Black History Month, you will never be short on inspiration when it comes to making a dazzling and educational bulletin board.

If you are ever in doubt, just come back to this list and have a browse.

Have fun!

Helena Waters