15 Best Easter-Inspired Bulletin Board Ideas For The Classroom

Easter is a super exciting time for your students as it means that spring break is near and they will soon be visited by the Easter Bunny.

15 Best Easter-Inspired Bulletin Board Ideas For The Classroom

Not only that, but Easter is a very important Christian holiday that marks a time for some serious worship and reflection. 

So, Easter is a big deal and it only makes sense that you reflect this through your classroom bulletin board.

However, thinking of some unique and creative ideas for your bulletin board that relates to Easter and spring break can be difficult at times – but that is where we come in. 

If you are in need of some inspiration for your Easter themed bulletin board, then this is the place for you.

We have pulled together 15 great ideas that can definitely inspire you to make an amazing bulletin board this Easter. So, check out the ideas below and pick out the best one for you! 

Egg-Cited About Easter

One of the most iconic signs of Easter are Easter eggs. With a little creativity, you can use them to create some really cool bulletin board ideas for your classroom!

Print off some stencils of Easter eggs and ask your students to design their own Easter eggs. They can be plain or with patterns, crazy colors and accessories, even themed around their favorite shows and games! 

It allows your students to express themselves through their favorite colors and things, plus it gives them the chance to express it to you and their classmates by using them to decorate the bulletin board. 

Cut out the eggs and attach them to the bulletin board to proudly present your students’ art and skills to the rest of the class. 

Wishing You An Egg-cellent Easter!

Greetings cards are more commonly associated with holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but why not get your students to flex their creativity by making Easter greeting cards! 

You can let them run wild with their decorations and help them out with some funny puns that are sure to make them laugh.

Not only can you use ‘wishing you an egg-cellent Easter’ but also ‘have a hopping Easter’ and ‘have an egg-stra special Easter!’.  

Once done, attach the card designs to your bulletin board so your students can be proud of their work and be happy to see it presented to the rest of  the class in such an honorable way. 

Have A Crackin’ Spring Break! 

Easter and Spring Break go hand in hand so your students are also probably very excited about some vacation time to spend with their family. 

Because of this, you can decorate your bulletin board with a typical Spring Break scene. You can include paintings of your students going camping, enjoying their Easter eggs or going on an Easter egg hunt!

There are many fun activities your students are probably looking forward to doing so get them excited by representing their plans in a giant Spring Break mural! 

Counting All Our Chickens

Eggs and chicks are a huge part of Easter iconography, so why not use these as tools when it comes to educating your students? 

This idea is much better suited for preschoolers and kindergartners as it really helps teach your students to count and visualize numbers.

You will want to make lots of baby chicks out of paper and attach them to the bulletin board using either Velcro or something that will make it easy to remove the chick and move it around the bulletin board.

As for the background of the bulletin board, you can decorate it with separate areas like a nest, a box or an area near a pond.

By moving the chicks from one area to another, you can help your students count using chicks to visualize the numbers and also evoke the spirit of spring and Easter.

Hatching A Plan 

15 Best Easter-Inspired Bulletin Board Ideas For The Classroom

Spring Break is coming up around Easter and to get your students excited, why not make an Easter-themed bulletin board that asks them what their plans are for spring break. 

You can decorate your bulletin board with lots of colorful eggs and in each one, have your student either draw a picture of their plans for spring break or write about all the things they want to do.

Such events can range from going on vacation, hiking, camping or seeing their friends and family at home.

Once done, attach the eggs to your spring-themed Easter bulletin board and use it to motivate your students while waiting for spring break!

24 Carrot Smiles 

A lot of students love to see themselves represented on the bulletin boards in their classrooms.

So, this idea will give them each the perfect opportunity to express themselves and see them as part of a larger team with their classmates. 

Print out a stencil of a bunny rabbit and stick a photograph of each student on the face.

Allow your students to color in the bunnies in any way they live, add clothes or accessories to express their style and personality, before cutting out each bunny and sticking the bunny onto the bulletin board. 

This will allow your students to each feel like an individual while being a part of a larger team.

What Is Easter? 

Of course, Easter is more than just chocolate eggs, candy and chickens. Easter is a very important Christian holiday that marks the death and resurrection of Jesus, an important figure in Christianity.

It’s also a day when Christians celebrate God’s grace and forgiveness through Christ. 

To help your students understand what Easter means, create a bulletin board that shows how Jesus died and was resurrected.

This could be done using a cardboard cutout of a cross and then adding pictures of Jesus and his crucifixion.

To avoid upsetting your students, you may want to make a more kid-friendly representation of the crucifixion, but as it is such an important part of Easter, you will need to relay it to your students. 

Through this bulletin board you can teach them about the origin of Easter and why we celebrate it today with eggs, rabbits and chickens which are all signs of life and prosperity. 

The True Meaning Of Easter

Easter is traditionally a Christian holiday and one of the most important celebrations of the year.

This means Easter holds a lot of weight and importance to a lot of people, so it is important to teach your students the true meaning of Easter beyond chocolate eggs.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and all the events leading up to that.

It is meant to be a celebration of joy after many weeks of worship, fasting and penitence.

It is a holiday that celebrates life, death, and enduring hardship. 

Make your bulletin board convey all the important themes of Easter so your students can understand the importance of Easter and appreciate the holiday even more. 

The Easter Timeline

Easter conventionally refers to Easter Sunday, the day of Jesus’s resurrection and when your students will wake up to a pile of chocolate eggs left by the Easter Bunny, but Easter is actually a very long holiday that includes many important dates in the run-up to Easter Sunday including Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Monday.

On Palm Sunday, Christians commemorate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. They believe Jesus entered the city riding on a donkey, and the people waved palm leaves.

On Good Friday, Christians remember the suffering and death of Jesus during his trial and crucifixion. In addition, Christians fast for 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. 

So, why not show all of these important dates to your students by making your bulletin board into a giant calendar with  all the important Easter dates marked out with iconography and traditional celebrations for each date. 


15 Best Easter-Inspired Bulletin Board Ideas For The Classroom

Lent is another way of celebrating Easter. Lent is a period of time when Christians go without eating meat or drinking alcohol.

It is a time of fasting and repentance before Easter. During Lent, Christians give up something they enjoy doing like going to movies or having ice cream. 

This is a great opportunity to get your students thinking about what they would give up if they were to follow Jesus’s example.

You could have a discussion about what they would do if they gave up chocolate for Lent – this would make the chocolate eggs they receive on Easter way more special. 

Ask your students what they would give up for lent, to draw those things and use them to decorate your bulletin board.

You can also keep track of your student’s progress and see who is still fasting by the time spring break comes around. 

The Last Supper

One of the best ways to explain the significance of Easter is through the story of the Last Supper.

It is one of the most important events in the run-up to Easter, and one that has been forever immortalized in the painting by Leonardo di Vinci. 

A fun and creative bulletin board idea would be to recreate the Last Supper painting but replace the Biblical figures with your students, or their favorite fictional characters, or with bunnies and chicks to represent spring. 

Your students are sure to find this idea amusing and may even want to help partake in creating this mural. 

Passover And Easter

Closely connected to Easter is the Jewish holiday of Passover, which celebrates the Exodus from Egypt. Jews celebrate Passover every year at the same time as Christians celebrate Easter, although it occurs earlier in the year. 

You can create a Passover themed bulletin board with icons representing the four stages of the journey: leaving Egypt, crossing the Red Sea, entering Israel and finally reaching the Promised Land. 

You could teach your students all about the importance of Passover, what differentiates it from Easter and show how Passover is still a very important holiday even if your students may not celebrate it.

Represent all of this on your bulletin board. 

Stepping Into Spring

Easter also symbolizes spring and it often correlates with the swing of spring. So, you can make your bulletin board spring-themed with all the popular iconography of spring and Easter. 

Rabbits and chicks are popular animals related to both spring and Easter, so you can make some out of paper and dyed cotton and attach them to your bulletin board.

You and your students can also make paper flowers, birds from feathers, and green trees using handprints from your student’s hands. 

Using all of this, you can create a creative spring-themed collage to celebrate Easter and how the holiday symbolizes life and rebirth. 

Baby Animals

Because Easter is the holiday most associated with rebirth and life, a lot of young animals are associated with the holiday too.

You can use this opportunity to teach your students about young animals and what they are called.

For example, young sheep are called lambs, young rabbits are called kittens, and baby chickens are called chicks. 

You can create a farm-yard bulletin board filled with baby animals, each one properly labeled with their official name so your students can learn more about the world around them. 

Hoppin’ Mad About Spring

The Easter Bunny is one of the most popular figures related to Easter and so, rabbits in general are closely associated with Easter and spring – so why not represent this on your bulletin board?

You can  cut out enough blank bunny drawings for your students to each color in and design to suit their tastes and represent their personality.

Then, stick them to your bulletin board to turn it into a field of happy bunnies, each one representing a member of your class. 


In conclusion, we hope that these ideas have inspired you to create an Easter themed bulletin board for your classroom.

There are plenty of ideas here ranging from religious to modern, from educational to fun and creative, and a few that can include your students into making the bulletin board. 

But whichever idea you chose to cover, you are sure to liven up your classroom with a fun Easter-themed bulletin board!

Happy Easter!

Helena Waters