15 Awesome Color By Number Worksheets Suitable For Kindergarteners

Color by number is a fun way to learn colors and numbers at the same time!

It’s also great for children with special needs because it helps them to focus on learning rather than being distracted by their sensory issues. 

In this post, we have gathered 15 awesome worksheets that all have a color by number activity on them.

They range in difficulty, with some including addition and subtraction, and some are themed for specific holidays over the year. 

Basic Color By Number Worksheets For Kindergartners

1. Umbrella Color By Number Worksheet

A wonderful image to start with as the blocks that must be colored are not very small, which means students can go outside the line without coloring another box entirely. 

This Umbrella worksheet can be used alongside a vocabulary lesson or as a fun timeout activity on a wet day. 

2. Kite Color By Number Worksheet

This is a great color by number worksheet to challenge students’ fine motor skills as there are a lot of straight lines in this image and they will need to focus to ensure they get the colors inside the lines.

Students will need 5 colors to complete this worksheet. 

3. Dinosaur Color By Number Worksheet 

This is a very basic worksheet that features two dinosaurs and trees.

The color key has six colors and if your students cannot yet read the names of colors you could provide them with a color key so that they don’t need to worry about the reading aspect of this worksheet. 

4. Color by Number Candy Worksheet

Challenge your students’ reading skills with this simple worksheet.

Students must read the colors written beside each number which will then guide them as they color the image.

The colors are typed in a colored font which should help students with their word recognition if they are struggling to read.

This worksheet is a great way of continuing to teach the names of colors to students.

5. Zoo Themed Color By Number Worksheet

This color by number worksheet features gorgeous animals and is perfect for any zoo-obsessed student.

The worksheet has a color key which has a number of crayons with a color written across them. 

Students must read the color and then color in the crayon.

Each crayon is then linked to a specific number and this tells the students where each color goes in order to complete their zoo-themed picture.

6. Sunflower Color By Number Worksheet

A more challenging worksheet, this color by number is quite detailed with lots of contrasting shapes used to make a lovely and bright sunflower image. 

This worksheet could be used in the summertime or as part of a history lesson alongside Van Gogh’s painting.

Students will first color the color key before completing the color by number section of the worksheet. 

Advanced Color By Number Worksheets For Kindergartners

The below worksheets all feature either addition or subtraction and so they are more advanced than the previous worksheets on this list.

1. Beach Themed Addition Color By Number Worksheet

This beach-themed worksheet is the most basic of the addition color by number worksheets in this section.

Students will work through the sums to find one of six possible answers, with the number six being the highest possible answer.

2. Whale Addition Color By Number Worksheet

This worksheet is a sea-themed color by number with sums adding up to one of six possible answers, with seven being the highest possible answer.

Students will make their way through the addition sums to find out what color each block should be, which will result in a lovely bright whale image.

3. Under The Sea Addition Color By Number Worksheet

A great worksheet for an under the sea-themed lesson, featuring a fish swimming through the ocean with seaweed and the seabed around.

Each addition sum adds up to one of six answers.

Once students have calculated the answer they can check the color key to see what color they should be putting in that specific block of the color by number.

4. Cute Alien Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet

Subtraction can be difficult but students will work their way through each sum to complete this cute alien color by number exercise.

There are six possible answers with the number six being the highest possible answer. No double-digit numbers are used in this worksheet.

5. Flower Pot Subtraction Color By Number Worksheet

A slightly more difficult subtraction worksheet that is perfect for incorporating into a nature-themed lesson.

This worksheet has slightly more difficult sums but each of the five colors used has two or three answers associated with it which could be confusing to students initially.

By taking the time to explain this we are sure that they will be able to work their way through this fun worksheet. 

6. Rocket Ship Mixed Math Color By Number Worksheet

For our last worksheet of this section, we have found a fantastic worksheet that incorporates both addition and subtraction.

Students will need to work their way through both types of sums while also coloring the worksheet in correctly. 

The final image is a colorful rocket ship heading for the moon.

Some sums in this worksheet include more than two numbers but could be completed gradually as your students learn to give them a visual representation of their learning progress. 

There are six possible answers, with the number twelve being the highest possible answer.

The sums also include some double-digit numbers, again proving it to be a more complicated worksheet, but with some faith, your students can do it!

Holiday Themed Color By Number Worksheets For Kindergartners

1. Spring Themed Color By Number Worksheet

Welcome spring into your classroom with this themed color by number worksheet that features a smiling butterfly.

This worksheet is designed for younger students and is easy to complete.

Students will need 6 basic colors to complete this worksheet.

2. Summer Themed Color By Number Worksheet

Talk about the summer holidays while students complete this worksheet.

This worksheet has a lot going on so it is perfect for the end of the year when student’s fine motor skills have progressed.

The final picture is a beach scene with a teddy bear going for a swim with some friends.

3. Fall Themed Color By Number Worksheet

This worksheet is a perfect follow on from a discussion about the leaves changing colors.

Students will be used to coloring leaves a green color but the color key for this worksheet instructs them to color the leaves in Autumnal colors.

While leaves make up the majority of this worksheet there is also a little squirrel. 

4. Winter Themed Color By Number Worksheet

Keep the winter blues out of your classroom by using this fun worksheet that features a happy, dancing penguin wrapped up in a scarf and hat.

The scarf and hat are quite detailed on this worksheet but the rest of the shapes will be easy for Kindergarten students to color in.

5. Earth Day Themed Color By Number Worksheet

Earth Day activities can often be quite difficult or require a lot of preparation, so we have found this great resource that has been designed specifically for this day.

The color by number sections are quite large making it a nice one to complete. It features a flower, leaves, and a heart-shaped globe. 

6. Valentine’s Day Themed Color By Number Worksheet

Mark the day of love with this fun color by number that of course features a lot of pink and red colors.

This is a lovely gift for kindergarten students to bring home and give to a loved one. 

7. St Patrick’s Day Themed Color By Number Worksheet

A simple worksheet that only needs three colors and features three main symbols of St Patrick’s Day, being a leprechaun’s hat, a shamrock, and a huge pot of gold!

8. Easter Themed Color By Number Worksheet

We have found a number of lovely Easter themed color-by-numbers which are all conveniently linked above.

Take your pick from Easter bunnies, chicks, and eggs to spread Easter cheer in your classroom.

9. Thanksgiving Themed Color By Number Worksheet

Have your students share how they will spend the thanksgiving period and what they are grateful for while completing this pumpkin patch inspired color by number worksheet.

This worksheet has lovely large shapes meaning students will be able to engage in conversation while completing it.

10. Christmas Themed Color By Number Worksheet

Finish off the day before students head off on their Christmas break with this fun worksheet.

This themed color by number is of a large Christmas tree that has been beautifully decorated for students to color, it even has gifts under the tree. 

Final Thoughts

Color by number is a very effective way to help children develop their cognitive abilities.

We hope that you find this list of the best color by numbers worksheets suitable for kindergartners useful and that these activities bring great fun and joy to your classroom all year round.

If you want to find more fun and engaging worksheets, check out our site for worksheets for any occasion or level. 

Helena Waters