15 Amazing Worksheets For The Letter A

Learning to write can be tricky when you are young but luckily, there are lots of great worksheets you can pull up to help your child or students out. 

However, the only issue is – where can you find so many great worksheets that are suitable for the child’s age and are effective at helping them write their letters properly?

15 Amazing Worksheets For The Letter A

If you are struggling to find some engaging worksheets for your students, then don’t worry – we have just the worksheets for you.

Here are fifteen different but equally amazing worksheets that all are designed to help your students learn more about the letter ‘A’ and how to write it properly. 

Pick out some of the below worksheets and your students will be writing with ease in no time at all. 

Letter A Recognition Worksheet

Before you can start to teach your students how to write the letter ‘A’, it is important that they recognize what it is and what it stands for.

Once they recognize the letter ‘A’, they will be able to apply it and find it easier to read. 

One great worksheet that you can use to improve your student’s recognition of the letter ‘A’ is this worksheet right here.

It features many things that begin with ‘A’ such as an apple or an angel, and allows them to fill in the gap with the letter themselves.

It will allow them to recognize the word and become familiar with its sound, and from there you can begin to teach your students more about the letter ‘A’! 

Find The Letter A Worksheet

Now that your students have been introduced to the letter ‘A’ it’s time to see if they can recognize it amongst other letters. 

This worksheet is a great way to test and see if your students are beginning to recognize the letter A.

Within the jumble of letters are both capitals and lowercase ‘A’s and all your student has to do is color in each A they find.

It is a very simple worksheet that your students will be sure to understand and you will be clearly able to see if your students are ready to move onto more tracing or if they need more time learning about the letter ‘A’ and what it looks like. 

Color In The A Recognition Worksheet

Another great letter ‘A’ recognition worksheet this one as it works in a very similar way to the one above. 

It features a jumble of capital letters and within them, there are a few ‘A’s. Your student has to find the ‘A’s and color them in to identify them.

This way, you will be able to clearly see if your students can identify the letter ‘A’ with no trouble or need more time to get more familiar with the letter ‘A’. 

For those students who can recognize the letter ‘A’, there is a much tricker puzzle at the bottom which they can use to start tracing both uppercase and lowercase ‘A’ as well as a few other letters that they will eventually move onto in the future. 

Letter A Coloring Page

This coloring page is a great pastime for your students to complete so they can become more familiar with the letter ‘A’. 

It features a giant letter ‘A’ that can be colored in and within it are many different things that all begin with the same letter – apple, alligator, anchor, etc.

This will help your student identify the letter ‘A’ by sound as they can say the word out loud and hear the similarities.

You can also encourage them by asking them what they think each object is and watch them try and think of a word that begins with ‘A’ that also matches the item they see. 

A Is For…Coloring Page

This is another coloring page that works great as a pastime worksheet for your students to use to become more familiar with the letter ‘A’ and recognize it more. 

On the worksheet, there is a giant letter ‘A’ surrounded by drawings of objects that all begin with  the letter ‘A’ too. There is an apple, some acorns, an airplane, an arrow, etc. 

This will build up your student’s letter knowledge and make them more aware of how the letter ‘A’ sounds as they can repeat the names of all the objects they see on the worksheet while they are coloring them in and having fun. 

Apple Coloring Page

If you are looking for a more simple worksheet for your students to try out, then this coloring worksheet is very simplistic and makes for a great, easy worksheet for them to complete. 

It works best as a first introductory associated worksheet that introduces your students to the letter ‘A’ and links it to an actual word – apple.

This will allow your students to begin to become familiar with the pronunciation of the letter ‘A’ and how it sounds when used in a word.

Dot Art Letter A Worksheet

This worksheet includes a giant letter ‘A’ with lots of dots inside it. Within the dots, there is plenty of space for you to put stickers, pom poms or a stamp of the letter ‘A’. 

This means you and your students revisit this worksheet and reward your student with a stamp or sticker every  time they correctly fill in another worksheet or write a flawless letter ‘A’. Once the worksheet is complete, they can move onto the next letter in the alphabet. 

Lowercase A Tracing Worksheet

This tracing worksheet is a great way to introduce your students to writing lower case letters ‘A’.

They can begin the worksheet by coloring in the letter and apple at the top, then move onto the practice tracing ‘A’s in the middle.

This is a great way to first practice writing  the letter ‘A’ before they move onto the lower lines where there is plenty of room to try writing the lowercase ‘A’ without following the dotted lines. 

There are three different stages of learning on this single page and it is a great way to see the stage each student is at.

Trace The A Worksheet

Practice makes perfect, and if your student is ready to start tracing more often to perfect their letter ‘A’ then this is the best worksheet for them.

There are plenty of lines and space on this worksheet for your student to trace a letter ‘A’, either in its capital or lowercase form, and then try writing the letter on their own without tracing.

They still have some dotted lines for support, but this works as a great way to transition for students away from tracing and writing letters on their own. 

Tracing Letters – A Page

This tracing worksheet also allows your students to try writing letters on their own by leaving enough space in between each dotted letter so they can alternate between tracing a letter ‘A’ and then try writing it by themselves.

A great feature on this page is that at the top, there is an example capital and lowercase ‘A’ that also features arrows to show the direction their pencil should move to draw each part of the letters.

This is a great prompt for your students in case they get stuck and can remind them how to properly write a letter ‘A’. 

Practice Tracing the Letter A Worksheet

This is another tracing worksheet that encourages your student to try writing their letter ‘A’ with plenty of support. 

The first section guides your students through writing a simple part with the capital ‘A’ before combining the steps together to trace the whole letter in one go.

It also uses the letters in a sentence, allowing your students to become more familiar with the letter ‘A’ in the context of actual language. 

This is a great introductory tracing worksheet to start your students with their writing.

Tracing Words – A Page

Moving on tracing the letter ‘A’, your student can now move onto this worksheet which works towards them tracing full words that each include and begin with the letter ‘A’. 

This is a great way to develop your student’s writing skills from writing singular letters to writing full words and making sense of them.

Your student will also be able to recognize the pronunciation of the letter ‘A’ and hear it in the context of a full word. This will also help them in the future when it comes to their spelling. 

Word A Recognition Worksheet

This worksheet is another fun recognition worksheet that also helps your students recognize the letter ‘A’ when used within a word as well as words that begin with the letter ‘A’. 

When teaching your students words that use the letter ‘A’, you may have begun with words that started with the letter ‘A’ like apple or angel but this worksheet encourages them to begin identifying the letter ‘A’ when it is used within a word instead. 

It does this by asking your student to identify the letter ‘A’ in every word on the page and some words include family or baseball.

This will be an interesting test to see if your students pay attention to the whole word or only identify the ‘A’s that are at the beginning of the word. 

There are also some pictures at the bottom that your students can color – but only the ones that start with the letter ‘A’.

This will make your students pay close attention to how they pronounce certain words and rely on them to identify the letter ‘A’ through pronunciation. 

Letter A Wordsearch

This advanced worksheet includes a word search filled with words that all begin with the letter ‘A’.

These words move away from just nouns like apple and alligator but onto other words like any and after, which are important and very common words that your student is sure to use and read every day.

They will then have to find the words in the wordsearch and circle them. 

This worksheet is a great final worksheet to give to your student before moving onto other letters and words. 

Writing A In Cursive Worksheet

Once your student has mastered writing, you can start to teach them how to write in cursive writing. 

This worksheet guides your student through the process of writing the letter ‘A’ in cursive, going through the same motions but in a different style.

So, if you have a quick-learner in your class, you can move them onto learning how to write in cursive once they are ready. 


The letter ‘A’ is one of the most commonly used letters in our language. It is used frequently in our everyday lives and we need to know how to spell and write it correctly.

So, it’s important that your student has this letter nailed down and mastered – and each of these fifteen amazing worksheets can help them out. 

Print out your favorite ones and the ones you think will be of most use to your students, and good luck!

Helena Waters