15 Amazing Addition Worksheets For Grade 2

If you’re a preschool teacher you’ll know just how much the learning experience changes when children move from first grade to second grade. Introducing your young students to the wonderful world of addition may feel daunting, but we are here to help. 

15 Amazing Addition Worksheets for Grade 2

Here we have selected 15 fun and engaging worksheet activities for your second-graders to dive into. We have arranged these in order of difficulty starting with basic addition all the way up to more advanced second grade addition for those students who are adding like its second nature! 

These worksheets include a variety of activities including coloring, word problems and repeat addition with pictures.

Basic Addition Worksheets 

If your students require a little extra help, or they need some revision aid, then use these worksheets to cover the basics of addition in your 2nd grade class. Here is a selection of engaging activities to cover basic addition. 

1. Number Line Addition Worksheet 

Start off nice and simple with this number line addition task. Students will be working with numbers between 1 and 10. This worksheet provides them with a number line to count on which saves you from having to draw it out on the board each time! 

Children will find it quick and easy to add up these single digit numbers. Practice speed and precision with this worksheet. It would even make a great warm up activity to ready your students for the more complicated concepts of addition. 

2. Dice Addition- Single Digit Addition Worksheet

This worksheet uses pictures of dice numbers to engage your students in addition. They are required to add the dots from the dice faces in order to come up with the solution to this sum.

This activity is great for helping your students engage with numbers uniquely, viewing them in a different format. 

Why not add your own twist? If you have access to dice in the classroom, allow your students to roll their own dice numbers and add them up to find the sum. 

3. Finger Addition Worksheet

The ability to count on your fingers is something that everyone is familiar with. But, this still has to be taught. This worksheet provides your students with images of fingers holding up the numbers that they are required to add together.

This allows your students to become familiar with this method. 

Before you know it your students will be using finger addition themselves in the classroom in order to find the answers to single digit sums! 

4. Addition Color by Number Worksheet

If you have more creative students, the concept of addition in the classroom may run the risk of boring them. That’s where this wonderful worksheet comes into play. This worksheet provides your students with a color by numbers image. 

All your students need to do is solve the sums within the blocks where the color will go. At the top of the page there is a key showing the solutions to the sums and which color corresponds with these solutions. 

This worksheet will provide you with incredible art to display on your classroom walls as well as giving your students a great exercise in addition. 

5. Single Digit Column Addition Worksheet 

Column addition is a reliable method for finding the solution to added sums. This worksheet introduces your students to this method of calculation by providing them with single digit numbers that they must add together in the column format. 

Starting with single digit numbers means they will not have to begin the practice of carrying any numbers over in order to find a solution. This is a great warm up activity before moving onto more difficult problems. 

Intermediate Addition Worksheets

When you begin to get into the meat of addition you require more difficult concerns. However, more difficult issues require more imaginative ways of approaching them. Especially when it comes to keeping your students engaged. 

1. Double Digit Mystery Addition Worksheet

This worksheet requires students to put on their thinking caps and their detective hats in order to find which number is the mystery number. It focuses on adding together double-digit numbers without the need to regroup.

This means that they will be introduced to double-digit addition without being overwhelmed by regrouping as well. 

Students must solve all the sums given to them before moving on to the clues and crossing out the numbers that they are instructed to. Once they have done this, they then color the mystery number in yellow.  

2. Addition with Regrouping Worksheet 

The concept of regrouping in addition can be a very challenging one to teach and is often the area that teachers struggle to get their students engaged in.

This worksheet simplifies that concept by providing a visual aid that breaks down regrouping in a way that students can easily comprehend. 

Using these worksheets to begin teaching the concept of regrouping will help in the long run, so your students can recall this method without the worksheets. 

3. Odd and Even- Color the Cat Addition Worksheet

Why not integrate two important elements of working with numbers using this creative worksheet? This worksheet focuses not only on addition, but odd and even numbers as well. 

Students must find the solution to the sums that are displayed in the cats and write them down. Once they have done this they must identify which of the numbers are odd and which of the numbers are even.

The fun bit comes next where they must then color in the cats depending on whether the solution was an odd or even number. 

4. Addition Chart to 20 Worksheet 

This addition chart for sums to 20 is an excellent resource for children to visualize the sums easily. Students must work along the columns and rows adding the numbers together and then writing the answers in the boxes. 

This will help your students practice their speed when solving problems as well as improving on their memorization skills. You could also get your students to color in their charts so that they can keep them as a visual aid for future reference. 

5. How Many Legs? Repeated Addition Worksheet 

This worksheet introduces the concept of multiplication to your students. Repeated addition is when students add together the same number multiple times. This is a great addition task to introduce in your class before moving on to multiplication in the future. 

Students will recognize that the animal has 4 legs, they must then work out how many legs multiple of the same animal have altogether. You could expand on these worksheets by allowing your students to name animals with varying numbers of legs for another repeat addition activity. 

Advanced Addition Worksheets 

For any of your students who are flying through the above activities without any problems, these worksheets will help expand on their knowledge by introducing them to more difficult addition concepts. 

1. 3 Digit Addition Worksheet 

Moving on from adding together double-digit numbers, this worksheet requires students to add together 3-digit numbers. This will also bring back the concept of regrouping in addition to find the solution to larger sums. 

2. Fill in the Blanks Addition to 100 Worksheet

This worksheet will help your students think about addition differently. They must fill in the blanks by working out which number is missing to make the sum of 100. 

This concept is something you will start to incorporate into your grade 3 classes. However, if there are students who are ready to begin practicing this early, then this worksheet is a good way to introduce them to it. 

3. Tasty Addition Word Problems Worksheet

Introduce your students to real life situations with these tasty addition word problems. Students must tackle these addition sums which ask them to add together certain types of food. 

The worksheet also gives students the opportunity to draw their own pictures of the food so that they can visualize it a little easier. So, if you have any avid artists in your class then this is the worksheet for you! 

4. Addition Wall Worksheet

This addition wall worksheet will help your students practice their addition to 20. Using this fun visual activity students must add together the numbers on the bottom to find what number will be at the top of the hexagonal wall. 

5. Addition Puzzle Boxes Worksheet 

Completing these addition puzzle boxes will really get your students thinking. This is probably the most challenging worksheet from this list so don’t worry if your students struggle with this then don’t fret. 

This activity is very similar to Sudoku. Students will place numbers 1-9 in each grid, but only once. The lines of this grid must add up to make the number on the end of the rows. Try getting students to work together to find the solution to this activity. 

Final Thoughts

With these 15 worksheets you will find something for every student in your class regardless of their abilities. These worksheets incorporate addition concepts and make them fun and interactive for a positive classroom experience. There is definitely something for everyone.

Helena Waters