14 Fun And Engaging Days Of The Week Worksheets

Are you a preschool teacher? Or a first-grade teacher? Trying to find fun worksheets to help your students learn the days of the week? Here we have gathered 14 of the best days of the week worksheets that your students are sure to love. 

14 Fun And Engaging Days Of The Week Worksheets

We have listed the below worksheets in order of difficulty, ranging from worksheets suitable for preschoolers to more advanced worksheets suitable for older students.

The worksheets include different activities, such as tracing, writing, matching words, and more!

1.  Day Of The Week Flower

This worksheet is a perfect way of introducing the days of the week in a fun way. The days have been written on the petals around the flower. At the bottom of the page, it explains what petals should be colored in which color, specific to the day of the week written on it.

By introducing new subjects in a fun and engaging way students will respond to it better and be more likely to continue to engage as they learn more about the days of the week. Make sure each student has the necessary colors to complete the worksheet.

2. The Days Of The Week Rainbow

This rainbow is a fun way of making this subject area more engaging as students are given the chance to be creative and color the rainbow however they wish to.

This also gives them the chance to follow the teacher’s voice as they point to each day of the week and repeat the name after their teacher. 

By repeating the names of the week and having students point to the name students will be better able to recognize certain words and they will subconsciously be earning the spelling also as they can see what the word should look like. 

This worksheet also gives the chance for students to practice their writing as they complete the writing activity, which is what day is the day you are completing this worksheet. This worksheet could be completed every morning to give students the chance to write each day of the week.

3. Trace The Days Of The Week 

Tracing is a fantastic way of helping students not only improve their writing skills but also their spelling skills. This worksheet gives students the opportunity to trace the days of the week.

By doing this in pencil students can simply erase their tracing and repeat. You could also print multiples to enable them to repeat this exercise.

This worksheet is near the end of the webpage, simply scroll down to find the free printable copy. 

4. Color The Wheel

This worksheet is a great way of explaining how the days of the week repeat in a cycle. Have your students color this wheel in so they can see and understand this concept while having fun and being creative.

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This will enable them to absorb this information in a more casual way, which is often the best way for explaining more complex subject areas. 

To access this worksheet click on the link above and you will find it immediately as it is the first worksheet listed on the page. 

5. Unscramble The Days

Have your students unscramble the letters of the wheel to uncover the days of the week. Using worksheets that show the days of the week on a wheel is a great way of teaching kids that the days of the week are a constant cycle and that when Sunday ends it is Monday again.

Grasping this concept can be difficult and so we recommend teaching the days before explaining how it constantly repeats itself.  

6. Write The Missing Days

Check your students’ spelling and memory with this brilliant worksheet. On this worksheet there are a number of days missing, your students must guess what day is missing and fill in the blanks by writing the missing day.

To access three different variations of this worksheet, follow the link above and scroll down the page to the Grade 1 worksheets to access this sheet and more. 

7. Cut And Paste

This worksheet is another fantastic opportunity to engage your students in independent learning. Try to let them work their way through the cutting, pasting, and ordering of the words before checking and correcting their work.

Allow the students to color their finished tables and display them on their desks for future reference. Having their own personalized days of the week table will help them to absorb this information daily and reference it if they get confused. 

8. Individual Days Of The Week Worksheets

By following the link above you will be directed to a webpage where you can access seven different worksheets that each focus on one day of the week.

These worksheets are a great way of focusing your attention on one day. Each worksheet follows the same format which means that the students are instantly set up for success when completing each of the six activities that you will find on each worksheet.

The activities included are tracing, following the lines, coloring, spelling, unscrambling letters to find the correct spelling, and lastly, these worksheets also teach the abbreviations that each day is referred to.

This is useful for students as on most electronic calendars the day of the week is referenced in an abbreviated form.

9. Trace And Order The Days

This worksheet is great because it combines two different activities in one and also gives students the opportunity to use safety scissors, which test their motor skills. This worksheet is suited to slightly older students who are capable of using scissors to cut out boxes.

Students firstly trace the days of the week before cutting out each box and placing the days of the week in order and sticking them onto the table provided on the worksheet. Have your students color in their completed table to make their work individual and more engaging. 

10. Which Day Comes Next?

This worksheet is a fantastic way of checking whether your students have a grasp of the order of the days of the week when they are not listed in front of them.

The missing days of the week from each list are listed at the bottom of the page and students will match the missing day to each sentence to complete this worksheet.

To make this worksheet more difficult again you can cut the bottom of the worksheet off to check the student’s memory and spelling of the days of the week. 

11. Days Of The Week Word Search 

Word searches are a great and fun way of engaging your students in learning activities. Allowing them to work independently is also a great way of getting them to manage their work enabling your students to also grow in confidence and learn how to focus.

12. Fill In The Gaps

Challenge your student’s memory and spelling with this fill-in-the-gaps worksheet. This is a great way of testing their knowledge before completing this subject area. The days of the week are incredibly important to know and understand as they apply to all areas of life. 

Set your students up for success by taking the time to ensure that they are confident and comfortable with their new knowledge and don’t be afraid to return to this subject area with more fun worksheets during the next term to make sure they still remember everything that they learned. 

13. Days Of The Week Questions And Answers

This worksheet is suitable for students who can read or for a teacher-led exercise, or as a part of group work. Students must read the sentence and answer the questions, which all have an answer that is a specific day of the week. 

All the days of the week are listed at the top of the worksheet so students can check spellings if needed. This worksheet is one of the more difficult worksheets on this list and is not suitable for preschoolers or students who cannot read or write.  

14. Days Of The Week Crossword Puzzle

This worksheet is suited to students who can read or else it should be a teacher-led exercise with the teacher completing a blown-up version of the worksheet on the board for students to complete along with their classmates.

14 Fun And Engaging Days Of The Week Worksheets (2)

Completing worksheets this way is a great way of encouraging the class to work as a team to guess the correct answers. 

Give the students as long as they need to complete the worksheet if they are engaging in independent work, and allow them to finish it for homework to avoid any student who has not completed it within the allocated time from feeling embarrassed. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you love these 14 worksheets as much as we do. Finding a worksheet that is fun and suitable for your student’s learning level is a great way to engage your students and help them to associate learning with positive experiences. 

If you are looking for more worksheets for other subject areas make sure to check out our site for more fantastic pieces where we have gathered the best worksheets available and ideas to help add some extra fun and brightness to your classroom.

Helena Waters