13 Best 100 Days School Projects Ideas To Try Today

No matter the occasion or event, 100 days is always significant!

So if you’re looking for fun new projects to try with the class, why not celebrate 100 days of school or create a fun project to work on for 100 days?

13 Best 100 Days School Projects Ideas to Try Today

Whether you teach elementary or middle school students, there are a host of ways you can get creative with the number 100. These DIY projects are educational and inclusive, but also heaps of fun!

And to give you some inspiration, this guide reels off the 13 best 100 days of school project ideas that you need to try with your class. 

Gather the materials and try these fun school projects today!

1. 100 Days Of School Cakes

What better day to celebrate 100 days of school than with cake? Making cakes is a great way to get all the kids involved and learn about baking in the process.

You can get totally creative with this idea as well, as long as it revolves around the number 100!

This can include baking a cake in the shape of the number 100, decorating the cake with the number 100, or even using 100 candies for decoration. Either way, it’s great fun for the kids and, of course, you get a tasty slice of cake to eat at the end of it.

2. 100 Days Of School Necklace

Necklaces are fun to make and wear, so why not give these 100 days of school necklaces a try?

They don’t require many materials to make, and you can get super creative with the design, resulting in fun necklaces the kids can wear around school.

You can make a pendant that has “100 days of school” on it as decoration, or even use 100 beads or something similar to create the necklaces.

In general, all you need are cardstock, string, and beads. You can even use candies with holes in!

3. 100 Days Of Activities

By splitting the number 100 into 10 activities, you can celebrate 100 days of school with the class or even create a fun project to work on over the course of 100 days.

This is another project you can get creative with, which can also be used to teach kids and even improve their physical health or creativity in some way.

Some ideas include writing 100 words, listing 100 of their favorite things, doing creative or physical activities in groups of 10, or doing a specific activity each day for 100 days.

You can even ask the kids what ideas they like the most!

4. 100 Days Of School Banner

Banners are a great way to celebrate 100 days of school as they can involve teamwork, creativity, DIY fun, and lots of imagination.

You can make the banner as big as you want and as colorful as you want, using as many materials as you want!

The banner can be displayed in the classroom, outside the classroom, or even somewhere in front of the school for parents to see.

If preferred, you can also have the kids make their own smaller banners to take home and display in their rooms.

5. 100 Days Of School T-Shirt

Similar to making a 100 days of school necklace, a DIY 100 days of school t-shirt can be lots of fun for the kids, resulting in something they can wear around the school and take home to show their parents. 

What’s also great about making a 100 days of school t-shirt is that you can let the kids get totally creative with the design of their t-shirt, which they can decorate in an endless amount of ways, using stickers, paint, pens, and more.

6. 100 Days Of School Dress Up

Instead of creating 100 days of school t-shirts, you can also have the kids dress up revolving around the theme of 100.

This can include wearing clothes that have the number 100 on them, or even dressing up as a 100-year-old!

This can be just as fun and imaginative as creating 100 days of school t-shirts, allowing your class to get creative with dress-up. After all, it’s always super fun to dress up, so why not get involved as well?

7. 100 Days Of School Activity Book

Celebrating 100 days of school doesn’t have to involve gathering materials and making something; you can also simply purchase a 100 days of school activity book, which the kids can fill in, color, and draw on however they like!

What’s more, you can even design your own 100 days of school coloring books if you consider yourself tech-savvy.

Just create a simple design on Microsoft Paint, print it off, and let your class get to work with crayons, paint, and more.

8. 100 Days Of School Tables

Here’s a 100 days of school project that’s simple to do, fun, and highly creative. All you have to do is print off a table with 100 squares, then come up with an idea for what the kids should fill out the table with!

This can be writing 100 favorite things, writing 100 letters, writing 100 numbers, drawing 100 different objects, or even filling out the table with something specific for 100 days.

Think of an idea the kids will love, and this project is sure to be a simple and enjoyable way to celebrate 100 days of school or doing something fun each day for 100 days.

9. 100 Days Of School Poster

Similar to making 100 days of school banners for the classroom, you can also have the kids make their own 100 days of school posters.

These can be displayed on the classroom wall or taken home for the kids to show their parents.

Making 100 days of school posters can be fun, highly creative, and also engaging.

You can have each student create their own poster, or work together in groups to create bigger, more colorful, and more creative posters using different materials and paints!

10. 100 Days Of School Crowns

In addition to 100 days of school t-shirts and necklaces, why not throw 100 days of school crowns into the mix?

These can be downloaded online with simple templates that can be colored in, cut out, and worn as a fashionable way to celebrate 100 days of school!

As a result, this fun DIY school project is simple and cost-effective without requiring many materials.

The kids can paint their crowns or glue materials onto their crowns to make their 100 days of school crowns as elaborate as they want! 

11. 100 Days Of School Centipede

Centipedes have lots of legs, needless to say, but this also makes the perfect insect to get creative with to celebrate 100 days of school!

You won’t need many materials either, as you can simply use styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, and paint.

Just make sure to make the centipedes with 100 legs to celebrate 100 days of school. The kids can make the centipedes as colorful and as big as they want – just let their imaginations run wild!

12. 100 Days Of School Whiteboard

With an empty whiteboard sitting in your classroom, why not fill it out to celebrate 100 days of school?

This can involve a number of fun ideas, from filling the whiteboard with 100 things learned, 100 things the kids enjoy about school, or 100 things the kids want to do over the weekend or did over the school holidays.

All in all, just make sure to fill up the whiteboard to create a big display that celebrates 100 days of school. You can use whiteboard markers, colorful post-it notes, or even cardstock and blu-tack – whichever the kids prefer!

13. 100 Days Of School Candy

Last but not least, 100 days of school candies! Kids love candy, so a great way to celebrate 100 days of school is by spoiling them with candy. 

This project can also be creative and educational, as you can have them draw a candy shop storefront or a row of candy jars, then count the candy to put in each jar!


And there you have it: the 13 best 100 days of school project ideas that you need to try today with your class, no matter whether you teach elementary students or middle school students – or even preschoolers! 

These projects are a great way to celebrate 100 days of school in any given new school year, involving creativity, teamwork, and educational benefits. Above all, they’re engaging and super fun!

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